Hello, people from forums!


As a blogger, it’s always interesting to see that I get visitors from different guild forums.  Yet it’s maddening because I can’t actually see what they wrote or why they were linked to my blog.  A small part of me gets paranoid, wondering if it was a matter of “lol look at this nub paladin blog guis.”  Logically, that’s not true, but I’m still irrational enough to worry.

-Still- no interesting and informative posts to make.  This weekend was mostly a matter of me banging my head against the keyboard at the incredibly stupid mistakes people were making, which makes me want to post very angry things, things that would make me seem like a complete “elitist.”  Man, do I hate that word.  Actually, I will post a very small rant list.  Just to get it off my chest and all.

–  If you are trying out for one of the best raiding guilds on the server, there is no excuse for not studying the fights you’ll be expected to do.  Having the raid leader explain -every fight- to just you is an insane waste of time and a complete annoyance.
– All raiders, including trials, have -no excuse- to not have all your raid materials ready for raid night. It is not hard to stock up on potions, food and flasks! And yes, you’re required to bring food. If you miss the fish feast or are the only one to die, it is required that you have a food buff. Not having these things ready is a sign that you aren’t interested in doing your best and you shouldn’t be raiding.
– Anyone who isn’t able to do their job at the same time as watching for debuffs on themselves should not raid. “I didn’t see that I got Pact” is not an excuse. Period.
– Spreading out is -not difficult.- Stop running directly to the healers during the Whirl!
– I don’t care what the ilevel of your gear is, just itemize what you have well and gem/enchant it correctly. If you don’t know what is best for your class, research! You should not expect your hand to be held in these things.
– Do not apply to a raiding guild if you have no idea how to play your class. There is no excuse for your healing lead to have to spend hours with you after the raid to get your spec right. There is -really- no excuse for your healing lead to have to send you tells -during- the raid because you’re not pulling your weight. Do your research and experiment in 5-mans. Making four other healers carry you is an embarrassment.

…cough.  Can you tell it was the Blood Queen we had issues with this weekend?  I hate having issues on fights we’ve already beaten.


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