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Things I didn’t know about myself


I just had the last raid of WotLK I will ever have and it spawned some introspection on my part.  There are things that I simply never knew about myself that I’ve started to really see now.

1.  I’m a raiding snob.  Okay, that isn’t something I didn’t know, but I’m -really- a raiding snob, more so than I ever knew.  Lack of progression sparks in me so many negative emotions that I finally have to realize that I’m one of “those people.”  I used to think of myself as one of the level-headed types who supports people going with the the flow, that I would be happy in any raiding group where I could play with my friends.  This is utter delusion on my part.  Not being at the edge of progression, even at such a time as this, makes me filled with discomfort that turns into disappointment and rage if too much time goes by.  It has even gotten to the point where I have started feeling that internal discomfort if other groups who I -do not raid with- are not as progressed as I feel they should be.  Clearly, that is insane.  Why should I care?  Yet for some reason, I do.

2.  I’m a healing snob.  Again, not a big surprise, but it is again the sheer point that it is at that startles me.  My brain gets locked in the spiral of “you are in ilevel 277 gear and I am in ilevel 251 gear on an alt, I should not be out healing you!” and becomes unable to escape.  When I see people doing things that are sub-optimal, my gut becomes a roiling pit of unhappiness.  Again, even if I am not raiding with them!  Why should I care if someone is doing things crazily wrong if they are raiding on another server that I will never play on?  More insanity on my part.

3.  If they came out with an MMO that had a healing class that crouches behind big blocks, out of LoS of the boss, and healed using a sniper rifle, I would be the happiest gamer -ever.-  I really love sniper rifles.

4.  Writing novels is really hard and I now know that I would never want to do so for a living.  I used to get all dreamy with the thought of becoming a real novelist, thinking about how great it would be to do it for a living, but in doing NaNoWriMo I have seen that it is all about slogging through a mucky middle that you simply do not want to write.  I’m going to finish it, because it is way too late to give up, but I am not enjoying doing so.

5.  Being a cyborg sounds really neat.  I’d totally sign up for it.

6.  Going along with that, I think I may hate “gut feelings” more than anything else in the world.  Using “gut feelings” to make any sort of decision is so bizarre and unnecessary that it makes me sigh.  There are facts out there if you look!  Use those!  Your brain is a million times more intelligent than your gut, so you should be using that to make decisions.  If I became a cyborg, then my “guts” would be metal and full of computers.  I can support that.

7.  I have a love affair with logic.  …which is slightly ironic, now that I think about it.

8.  I shouldn’t blog early in the morning before work.  It makes posts like this come out.

I’m staying on top of the healing game for Cataclysm, finally.  I’ll have some things to say about it soon-ish, I’m thinking, especially about the absolutely rotten state of Mastery at all raiding levels.  (Seriously, what were they thinking?)  Stay tuned!


Huh, that wasn’t what I expected


Hi, guys!  Just checking in to let you know that my NaNoWriMo is still going strong and that it is almost certain now that I’ll be back to raiding come expansion.  Be prepared for number crunching galore.

Speaking of, I’ve been playing the druid quite a bit and I was very surprised to see how little healing has changed.  I was frankly expecting a real difference, given what I had been reading from other people.  There has been so much anger at the changes, with people quitting the game or changes mains, but…  Well, it really is almost totally the same!  In fact, the first night I came back, I had a conversation with another non-Tree about it and we agreed that it is almost exactly like T9 with a dose of old, old school added in.  There I was, rolling RJ like always (my internal timing was whacky, though, I’ll admit!).  Really, the only change has been that I replaced my Nourish button with RG, which made me laugh.  It was as if WotLK never happened, as if it was TBC that was leading into this new expansion!  I suppose I’m slightly more thoughtful about who gets my SM now, but just barely.  It has always been my favorite spell.

On the shaman front, -really- nothing has changed!  I just walked in and went to town.  Well, I suppose I’ve replaced LHW usage with HW, but that’s just such a minor change that it isn’t worth noting.

It will be at least a month before I think of touching the priest or the paladin, as I need time to get back into the healing swing of things on these two.  Frankly, I’m not looking forward to logging onto my paladin and seeing how things are now.  She was my pride and my main focus for so long that I almost want to leave her enshrined in my memory, undefiled by change.  We’ll see, we’ll see…


I’m not dead! …but my computer was…


I finally have my computer working again (2 months later!), but still no WoW on it.  Most likely I will be back to playing WoW late this month or on Dec 1.  Why the delay?  NaNoWriMo, but of course!  Until then, I shall continue to play my new healer from Dragon Age.  Yes, more Dragon Age and more healers…  I am so utterly predictable.



My expansion plans…


…are still up in the air.  Let me tell you why, shall I?

– Money.  This one can’t really be overcome by any sort of will on my part.

– I really dislike the gutting of paladin healing.  In an effort to make mana more important, they’ve reduced a lot of the fun of it.  Instead of making the pure regen stat more tempting, they’re just getting rid of anything that would give paladins a reason not to take it.  They didn’t make Spirit more tempting, they just got rid of any choice we had not to take it.  They’re using a “stick” method in place of a “carrot” one.  Why not instead give paladins some of what Holy priests or Tree druids have?  If Spirit gave paladins more spellpower, then it would be an interesting choice between that and crit.    Both would be combination regen/throughput stats, only in different ways, giving paladins more to think about when gearing.  Instead, they’ve decided to make crit a purely throughput stat now.  They tried to force paladins to take MP5 before, but we resisted because passive regen is -boring.-

– Because of the last point, I’d be tempted to switch mains again, but doing so is a big pain.  It would be my fourth main (1 in Vanilla, 1 in TBC, 1 in WotLK, 1 in Cataclysm) and that’s just too much restarting for my tastes.  Ugh.

– My faith in Blizzard as a company has really fallen since 2008 when Activision came into the picture.  There is a marked difference in direction since that time, which I just don’t approve of.  I’m tempted not to continue giving them my money as a way of expressing my opinion of the change in business practices.

– I don’t like guilds, but not being in one for raiding would be idiotic, considering how many perks are going to be given to guilds.  Not to mention that people will want my epic to go towards their guild achievement.

Logically, these reasons would lead me to not continue on in the expansion.  The problem is that I want to be with my friends, experience the new content and have fun roleplaying in the chaos.  I still have some time to decide what I plan to do, but not too much time at this rate.


3+ birds with one stone/post


I just finished up what can only loosely be considered a phone post with O over at her blog.  Several things were touched on that I’ll probably talk about more in depth later.  Pardon the extreme rambling!


I’m sorry for any hurt feelings


My previous posts were never meant to be insulting to anyone.  I’m sorry if I hurt any feelings or angered anyone.  It was not my intent.  Please accept my apologies if I caused any sort of distress.


My O story


The internet is a small place.  This is especially true when it comes to the corner that WoW bloggers share.  A good example would be Oestrus finding me.

O and I were roommates starting about 5 years ago.  I was going to college at the time and she put up a Craigslist ad that really drew me in.  Dare I say, we clicked -immediately.-  For months we had a settled rhythm; spending time together was a blast and yet we were both able to give the other ample space.  We shared so many laughs (and so much Chinese take-out!) during those days that it makes me smile.  Sadly, those days were brought to an unfortunate end when life events came and put the stomp all over me, but her sense of humor and blunt honesty still stick with me.

Years later, I decided to start a healing blog for one reason or another.  Seeing as blogs often link to each other, I linked a healing blog I was reading at the time by the name of Divine Aegis.  Generally, I was one of those silent readers that blogs get, but then a post by a Tree drew my eye and I commented on it.  Said Tree even came to my blog and commented on something I had written.  It was a nice, civil conversation we had, neither of us really knowing the true identity of the other.  Not until months later when O happened to read my “About” page!  Her email to me right after made me laugh and laugh at just how small the world is.

I’ll be straight with you:  O and I have very different opinions on the state of WoW healing.  However, we share a love for the role and a bluntness that means you’ll never have to guess what our true meaning is.  Frankly, O is -amazing- and the fact that we took such similar paths makes me just crack up.  Two friends, separated by distance and time, find each other in a tiny subset community of a subset of a subset community.  (WoW > WoW bloggers > healing bloggers)  If that isn’t a heart-warming tale of fate, I don’t know what is.

Love you, O!  Keep on writing!