About this blog: I write in here the things that I would want to read. Namely, I write for those who like to optimize their play as a healer and as a healing lead. Yes, that means numbers and min/maxing. Anyone can optimize their play, whatever they are doing. There are no right-and-wrong in min/maxing, there is only “doing the best I can with what I have.”

Name:  Codi

Sex: Female (aka. chick)

Server:  Moon Guard – US (RP server)

Characters: Uruz (main; healadin) and Hanalae (Tree; 10-mans and now 10-man hardmodes) and Nikkal (Disc; heroics)!  Once a week or so I borrow my SO’s Resto shaman to keep my shaman healing knowledge up to par.

I raid with:  the best Alliance raiding coalition ever!   Over two years together and still going strong, 2-3 in progression on the server.

Other website:  Journals of Gods and Godless (my RP journaly thingy)

Some WoW history:  During Vanilla and TBC, I played DPS.  I liked raiding and when my raiding group needed healers, I went ahead and leveled my bank alt.  That was Uruz, who is now my main.  I kinda hate DPSing now and only leveled my old main (Codicia) for RP and guilt purposes.  😛  I’ve been with my raiding group almost two years now, which is unbelievable, and I’m the healing lead for them.  Because I enjoy healing, I’ve rolled one of each healing class and try to heal on them regularly to get a good feel for raid assignments and gearing/talent advice.  I also RP and do a little PvP, although I don’t have a whole heck of a lot of time.  LOL

I should note that before I played WoW, I played EverQuest.  Namely, I end-game raided on EQ as a high elf cleric.  So healing as pretty much always been my thing.  (I even tend to heal in my DnD games, oye!)

Non-WoW stuff about me:  I live with my long term SO in Wisconsin.  I am a -very- proud Cheesehead!  The perfect Thanksgiving to me is watching football with a beer in one hand (Spotted Cow) and a brat in the other (ketchup, onions, mustard and kraut).  Ever since high school, I’ve been a big fan of anime and manga of all sorts.  We actually don’t have television and haven’t for years, but I do sometimes watch some shows online or on DvD.  I both play and DM Dungeons and Dragons games (3.5 or 2).  Despite being rather girly, I hate shoe shopping more than anything.  In fact, I hate any kind of shopping, but especially for clothing and shoes.  If the world were perfect, I’d never wear shoes!  I sound very serious in typing, but I’m one of the cheeriest and goofiest people.



  1. […] So since I cyber stalk Codi/Uruz I’m going to tag her because I have much love for her.  https://moarhps.wordpress.com/about/  Go check her out!  She’s […]

  2. Wow, lol. I had no idea this was uruz’s stuff. You are a god to me with your valanyr and being in IO. Not to mention your skill.
    Reldeor holy pally-stalker of uruz in WoW.

  3. Um… girls in the interrnet? ;O! gasp..

  4. Spotted Cow is my favorite beer too! 🙂
    I always make sure to have at least one when I visit the fam in good old WI.

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