My expansion plans…


…are still up in the air.  Let me tell you why, shall I?

– Money.  This one can’t really be overcome by any sort of will on my part.

– I really dislike the gutting of paladin healing.  In an effort to make mana more important, they’ve reduced a lot of the fun of it.  Instead of making the pure regen stat more tempting, they’re just getting rid of anything that would give paladins a reason not to take it.  They didn’t make Spirit more tempting, they just got rid of any choice we had not to take it.  They’re using a “stick” method in place of a “carrot” one.  Why not instead give paladins some of what Holy priests or Tree druids have?  If Spirit gave paladins more spellpower, then it would be an interesting choice between that and crit.    Both would be combination regen/throughput stats, only in different ways, giving paladins more to think about when gearing.  Instead, they’ve decided to make crit a purely throughput stat now.  They tried to force paladins to take MP5 before, but we resisted because passive regen is -boring.-

– Because of the last point, I’d be tempted to switch mains again, but doing so is a big pain.  It would be my fourth main (1 in Vanilla, 1 in TBC, 1 in WotLK, 1 in Cataclysm) and that’s just too much restarting for my tastes.  Ugh.

– My faith in Blizzard as a company has really fallen since 2008 when Activision came into the picture.  There is a marked difference in direction since that time, which I just don’t approve of.  I’m tempted not to continue giving them my money as a way of expressing my opinion of the change in business practices.

– I don’t like guilds, but not being in one for raiding would be idiotic, considering how many perks are going to be given to guilds.  Not to mention that people will want my epic to go towards their guild achievement.

Logically, these reasons would lead me to not continue on in the expansion.  The problem is that I want to be with my friends, experience the new content and have fun roleplaying in the chaos.  I still have some time to decide what I plan to do, but not too much time at this rate.


  1. Just to contribute a thought: I know regen isn’t an attractive stat, and it was so for Hpriests and Rdruids because of their Spirit->SP conversion. It made it a little more fun but just made you able to be that much more spammy and never risk going OOM. Those talents have had those conversions trimmed though. Spirit of Redemption is now only improved death for Holy and Living Spirit for Resto is gone (both +% spirit talents), while Spiritual Guidance for Holy and Imp Tree of Life don’t include their Spirit->SP boosts. It sucks having to gear regen just so that we don’t OOM, but I’ll wait to pass judgment when things go Live.

    Best of luck finding out what you want to do!

    • It’s very true, but it just means that Blizzard is trying to make Spirit boring for everyone. I don’t support that for any class, really. Right now, the only classes I’m tempted to play are my Disc priest or the Resto shaman. It’s really rather depressing…

  2. I’m glad i’m not the only one that feels this way. I LOVED my paladin. LOVED IT. I don’t want to play my paladin at all anymore, I don’t want to stop raiding but have put so much time into my paladin shes become my virtual twin. I can’t bare to be anything else, but can’t bare to be her either. You don’t want to quit but can’t stand to play. Lol I I know how you feel.

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