What’s up with Holy priests? (aka. so tired, can’t think)


I’ve noticed a trend recently with Holy priests (and priests in general, but less obvious) in that they seem to really be lagging behind the other healers are far as throughput and general usefulness are concerned.  Maybe it’s just with trials that I’ve been running with, but Holy priests just seem to need so much hand-holding these days and even then they lag behind everyone else.  The top of the HPS and HPE charts seem to always be Trees and healadins these days.  I have so many vivid memories of our Holy priest topping every single chart back in the day.  Has something changed?  Why is a single target healer beating out the AoE healers so easily?

Giving all these potential healers test-runs is very exhausting.  It feels like every single one needs me to walk them through how to play their class, fix their spec, gem their gear…  All this time and energy are put into improving our trials, but they still don’t make the grade.  I’m singlehandedly fixing all the healers on my server, it feels like.  What I’d really like is to get someone who knows their stuff, but hasn’t gotten the chance to raid very much.  Finding Holy priests is like pulling teeth and trying to find any with skills seems utterly impossible.  They’ve all gone Disc or something.

Not that I’m the most skilled person in the world…  Dreamwalker is giving me headaches; getting those orbs is really difficult for me.  It didn’t help that all the healers spread out and dived those orbs like vultures.  I won’t be satisfied with my performance on that fight until I break 25k HPS.

I’m writing a big post about being a healing lead, so that’ll hopefully be done soon-ish.  My blog’s quality has been dropping as of late, which I apologize for.  The combination of elements of being busy with “real life” and having to deal with new healers every raid night just saps me.  I had originally planned to take this month off from WoW (gasp!), since things are so busy around here, but they really needed me to stick around to help out.  Now if I can only find two awesome priests, I can go back to planning my skiing vacation…



  1. Have you ever looked at the WoL rankings? I don’t know if I’m just reading it wrong or something, but it’s all Druids and Pallies at the top… and middle. Priests fall way behind.

    I don’t think this is the particular phenomenon to which you refer, but I’m just curious.

    • Well, I was talking about in my own raids, but that’s pretty incredible. Why is that, I wonder? Is it a reflection on the lack of good priest healers or is it a reflection on the class? I’m more prone to believe it’s the latter, but the parade of healers I’ve been getting makes me feel pretty jaded about it all. 😛

  2. I raided on my priest for two years, in the last six months I have found myself lagging behind my normal pace. When I got my pally to 80 I started healing on him just for fun, now he is my main! In my opinion it is not the players, in the past I got the feeling like some encounters were made with priest healing in mind, certain abilities were just OP to counter the damage going out… now I get that feeling for my pally, only now it is on every fight in ICC. I am not raiding in a top end guild so I can stand out on either toon, but it really feels like a Pallys world these days.

  3. If you look at the top healers on World of logs the top players are almost always paladins, with some druids thrown in.


    • Part of that is the Dreamwalker fight. Paladins are… insane on that fight. My Number Two saw a cool 29.4k HPS on our kill tonight. It was pretty much the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.

  4. Priests need some love in the next patch.. ❤

  5. I would have to ask the same question…what’s up with the Holy Priests?

    I have been raiding with one for the last 6 months or so and it seems that that no matter how hard I try, no matter how many forums I review…I am barely keeping up with my Pali and Druid counterparts. I can’t speak to Shammy’s because I haven’t had the opportunity to run with any on a regular basis.

    I have to remind myself every run, it’s not a competition, it’s a team effort. But boy, it sure is hard. I truly enjoy playing my Holy Priest but coming in last every single fight other than trash is getting tiresome.

    Also to note, I’m the only raiding priest within our guild and pretty much the only priest ever on so I review other guild’s (that are further along than us progression wise) holy priests to determine if I’m progressing along nicely (do I have enough haste, how’s my sp, etc.). It’s getting harder and harder to find any. Discs priests galore….Holy Priest? Only if I’m lucky.

  6. Point is also, try and find a good blog about a holy that hasn’t switched these days. Or a recent gear list. Or whatever. Anything recently updated on holy? Just not there!

    Holy priests are not getting the love, and it’s not the players. I play my priest holy and love it, but I can’t find any decent info or guide on anything anymore. Have people just given up?

  7. Since Burning Cusade to last year a Priest was my main, the class is all fun and it was up to Wrath’s Naxxramas. I have found that almost every encounter i have had the oportunity to see seems focused on Paladin heals, so i leveled up my prot Pala and i feel him more powerful even when it was in 200-219 gear and my Priest in 232-245. Disc is a bonus can live without, Holy is really good at toping lot of people but needs breakes between, mmm Druids an Chamys seemes to handle that non-stop so way to bring a Priest if a Druid can doit better.
    I still play my priest but for raiding i prefer my paladin.

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