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Gotta plug it!


I just have to link O’s voice-post because it’s about me and it goes more indepth about the crazy fate that we share.  We really need to do a co-op drunk voice post, we really do!


Best damn team on the server

The Best Healing Team Around

The Best Healing Team Around

There was no logical way that four healers and an off-spec priest should have been able to do it, but we did it.  Next week, let’s four heal the whole damn fight!

In all seriousness, I’ve never been so proud.  After losing two of our healers recently, the entire team has consisted of five highly overworked people.  (Number Two was busy last night or else he’d be standing in place of the off-spec priest there on the left.)  We are all struggling with burn-out and with a lot of frustration.  But we can make miracles happen!  All those nay-sayers who told me it would take 6 healers are eating their hats now, aren’t they?  😉


Shout outs and much love


My raiding group just picked up a “new” priest healer for our team, who then went on to ask me why I hadn’t commented on his awesomeness in my blog.  (I say he’s “new” because I’ve known him from role-playing and just chatting around for gods know how long.  He just never raided with us in an official manner on his priest before.)  Upon him saying that, I realized that there just hasn’t been enough love in general for my healing crew here.

Diva – You’re a doll and I’m so glad to have you with us now.  There was a time when I wouldn’t hesitate to call you the best Shadow priest on the server, but I was wrong.  You’re the best priest on the server, period.  Right from the first raid that you came to heal with us, I knew that I could rely on you to handle anything I threw at you.  I had been spending so much time with trials, having to hold their hands and make sure that I didn’t overextend them, that having you sweep in and just take control with a laugh and a wink made me almost cry with joy.  Instead I laughed.  And I’ll continue to laugh because of you.  Powerword: Diva is the only priest spec for me!

Chi – Bah, you always say that I like AJ better and that I have no love for you, but deep down you know that isn’t true.  We both know you’re just trolling and that when an “oshi-” moment happens, you’re the one I always call on to cover our proverbial butts.  I’m on fire?  Chi’s on the tanks.  Need more healing on the slime kiters?  Chi’s all over that.  Want someone to tank heal so the healadins can heal the Marks?  Chi is the (wo)man!  This dependability is not -just- from your skills, but also because you have the cool head of a leader.  It’s part of the reason we get along so well; you understand me better than probably anyone else in our raids.

AJ – My honorary paladin!  There’s a distinct reason why you are part of the only raiding couple I can stand; your skills and strengths speak for themselves and your “no drama” attitude is second to none.  It’s almost too bad your man doesn’t talk more on vent, as I kinda miss the “make AJ giggle in the background” game I used to play.  You’ve always been one of the more quiet healers (we need a couple of those to counterbalance the rest of us, cough), but you get right in there with well-placed comments of your own.  That “go with the flow” attitude doesn’t mean that you won’t speak up to tell me when I’m wrong, but you have the wisdom and understanding to do it in the right way and at the right times.  When you tell me I’m wrong?  Boy, do I know that I must be.

Cat – The best thing about Cat is that she gets me into trouble and we both love it.  Perverse and sarcastic, you can be a firecracker when you want to be or you can channel your inner “Tree mama” vibes to educate those not so knowledgable in druid healing.  You make me laugh like there is no tomorrow, you really do.  Raids wouldn’t be half so fun if I didn’t have you there!  The best thing is, you’re not just around to lighten the mood, you are incredibly skilled at what you do.  Even when you’re doing things like “tanking the fire,” I’m laughing as I’m scolding you for being a “bad Jew.”  Which I guess is just another reason to love you, since you make me look better by comparison, winkwink!  (Clarification in case people think I’m using “bad Jew” as an ethnic slur:  Cat and I are both Jews and it refers to us breaking kashrut, raiding on Saturdays and doing other things that make our families think we’re being “bad.”)

Mix – You know, I think you have the hardest job of all the healers, in that you are surrounded by skilled and outspoken women all the time and you just don’t have it in you to duck and cover like #2 does.  We treat you like the “little brother” of the group, but we do it out of huge amounts of love and pride at what a great healer you’ve become.  Those long days of your being trial were full of me saying that you just needed time and experience to grow, that you had an incredible potential if you were given some good teachers.  All that time and all those questions you posed to Chi and Cat have paid off, not just because they are great teachers (although they are), but because you are one of the most open learners I’ve seen in this game.  I am honored to have you on my team, Stump.

Number Two (aka. F) – Ah, what can I say, what can I say…  You’re my partner in every aspect of this game, my teacher and my friend.  We don’t always see eye-to-eye about, well, many things, but I never have to worry about what I say to you.  I know you hate to hear it, but you really are much more skilled at being a healadin than I am.  This isn’t any sort of false modesty on my part and I don’t have any jealousy about it.  We complement each other.  Heck, if you look at each of us as people, we pretty much are total opposites, aren’t we?  But despite that (or because of it, maybe), I can place my total trust in you during those situations where I’m out of my comfort zone.  Keep giving it to me straight, hon, and I’ll keep trying to make you laugh.

To all of you – Thank you.  Thank you so much for making being a healing lead such a fun experience.  Our channel is the most happening place to be because of you, because you have the skills to get the job done while still having a great time.  Let there be no two ways about it, we have the -best- healing group on the server and to my mind, we have one of the best healing teams in all of WoW.  You are my friends, my colleagues and my support.  Thank you for just being you.