Divine Wine #2


I tried some sweeter wines this time around!

– Kikkoman Plum Wine ($10) –

I first had some of this little beauty when out for Japanese and was surprised that this actually tastes even better to me than my usual Gekkeikan Plum Wine, despite being less expensive.  It is very much a dessert wine and is best served cold, straight out of the fridge.  The taste is light on the tongue, which is hard to find in good sweet wines.  Refreshing is another word I would use, perfect as the finish to a meal.  But don’t doubt it, it is -sweet.-  As it warms up, it isn’t nearly as good, so I suggest small glasses of this at a time while you keep the bottle in either the fridge or in an ice bucket.  No webpage for this one, since I can’t find it!

– Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Moscato 2009 ($11.99 for a double bottle) –

Since I had such a big bottle of this, I got to have several different times to sit down and try this.  I kept going back and forth between “hate this” and “it’s okay.”  What I can say about this one is that it is -picky.-  It only likes to be sipped without any sort of food.  And it has to be in small sips!  After 1 minute sitting outside the fridge!  If you don’t follow these exact things (and probably get a bit of luck), it really is a pretty terrible wine.  The sweetness can be delicate if you drink it in exactly the correct manner, with an interesting palate to it.  However, if you don’t treat it in the exact manner it wants, a strong bitterness comes out which just combines horribly with the sweetness.  Personally, I won’t be getting this one again.  The website for this one can be found here.

– Marcus James Merlot 2006 (2 for $7) –

The deal on this was way too good to pass up.  I didn’t hope for something terribly good, just something moderately drinkable.  Probably the first thing I noticed was that the nose on this is rather vinegar.  Merlot wine in general tends towards the stronger and darker, so I won’t let the nose throw me completely off.  Well, okay, it is pretty off-putting considering that it is ever-present in this wine.  There are elements to this that are quite tolerable, but that vinegar is really sticking with it.  It makes me think that this didn’t age well at all.  With each sip I take, it becomes more apparent that… well, I’m not going to buy this again.  I’ll try my other bottle before marking off the entire brand, though.  It’s just too good a deal to completely write it off.



  1. I don’t know much about wine and admittedly, I don’t drink too often – but I’m thinking if you’re buying booze with a 2 for 1 sticker on it, that can’t be good – lol

  2. I’d had plum wine at a local wine festival once, served over shaved ice. Which in May in New Mexico, is fantabulous. I’ll definitely look for the plum variety around, I thought it might be a local only specialty.

    Speaking of sweeter wines, I have a co-worker who swears by reisling. Any comments on a good, not too sweet one?


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