Divine Wine #1


No, I’ve not gone anywhere.  I do feel that I need some levity after all the fuss, so I’ve decided to start a brand new series of posts.

– …what? –

One of the things I’m most known for in my raiding circle is the fact that I drink wine at every raid.  Cheap wine and in quantity.  Usually from a box!  Wine has become such a major part of my “raiding ritual” that those nights where I can’t just don’t seem to sit well with me.  It helps that I -really- love wine, I guess, and I really love buying new and exciting bottles of the stuff just to try out.  Seeing as it is such a large part of my raiding experience, I figured I’d get my thoughts down on some of my discoveries.

Generally, I prefer white wines (which is unusual amongst wine drinkers, I hear), but I do like to experiment with reds as well.  Rosé wines (blushes) tend to be reserved for when my goal is to really drink.  Okay, my goal is to always really drink, but when it is less about taste and more about quantity, I break out the rosé.  Nothing says “I had a rough day” more than breaking out a box of Franzia Sunset Blush!  You probably won’t ever see me review a spumante or other wine with bubbles, as for some reason it makes me royally ill, even just a single glass.  It sucks at special occasions, believe me.

As far was the boxed wine goes…  For as long as I can remember, my mother has kept a box of Franzia Merlot in her cupboard, pouring herself a glass from it every night.  It is the first wine I ever tasted and getting to share her daily glass with her was the first truly adult thing I was able to do as a teenager.  I laugh along with everyone else when they make fun of me for it, but it is so much a part of history that even if I didn’t love wine for its own sake, I’d still love my boxed wine.

– Barefoot Merlot 2009 ($5.95) –

Okay, I just had to start with the cheapest bottle I could find.  And it’s a surprisingly decent wine.  The flavor is rich and fruity, but my favorite part (the part that makes is so easy to drink) is that the tannins are very smooth for such a cheap wine.  My major problem with most red wines tends to be that they have a bitter finish to them or too sharp of a nose.  But this bottle quite happily doesn’t suffer from that.  Even for a white wine drinker like myself, it is smooth to drink.  It really is surprising how enjoyable this was, considering the price.  I enjoyed it more than some more costly reds I’ve had.  You can find their website here for more information.

– Little Chica Malbec 2008 ($11.95) –

This is probably the third or fourth malbec I’ve ever tried and while I know that Argentinian varieties have less robust tannins, I was really unimpressed with this wine.  The richness is really lacking in this and the tannins are just really, really understated.  For a red wine, the taste was very lacking.  It isn’t a bad wine, but it is terribly bland to me.  It was almost as if it was cut with a small amount of water, it was so bland.  I personally can’t recommend this, even as a budget wine.  You can find their website here, though.

– More coming soon! –

I don’t know why, but the idea of doing this on a weekly basis just make me happy.  See you guys after the next couple of bottles!



  1. Awesome! I love drinking wine during raids too! Wine (like pretty much any alcohol) is way more expensive in Canada than it is in the US, though, and I’m a poor starving student, so I don’t do it too often.

    My parents are regular wine drinkers so I found it really weird when I discovered that other people’s parents didn’t drink wine with their supper.

    I actually prefer the taste of red wine, but I hate how it stains my teeth so I drink rosés most of the time. I tend to like really sweet desert wines over dry drink-with-your-meal types, but it’s hard to find sweet wines that aren’t Port or Sherry.

    • Hrm, I’m not generally much of one for sweet wines (or sweet anything, actually), but I’ll see if I can find some good cheapies for you. 🙂 I’ve always specialized in cheap wines, mostly as a habit since paying my way through school. LOL Usually, I try to keep it under $15 (which I -think- would translate to under $20 for you), but I’ll try to go even lower if possible for this week for you!

  2. I love this idea for a series of posts. I’m always looking for new wines to try.

    mmm…now I have a craving for a pitcher of sangria.

    • Mmm, I love sangria. I should see if I can scrape together a mixed drink version of this or something. I have a great mojito recipe, too.

  3. I don’t know why, but I just totally thought of Kathy Griffin, when she talks about her mom and how much she loves the boxes of wine.

    I know, in the future, I’ll be reading your posts and I’ll hear this voice yelling out in my head “TIP IT!”


    • Removing the bag from the box to squeeze -every single drop out- is a requirement. ;D

  4. Fantastic idea! I am not much of a wine drinker, as I’ve associated it with ‘it gives me the sleepies’ in the past, but I’ve always been interested in giving it a try on occasion as a change of pace from my usual beer drinking (and I am a bit of a lush, albeit a lightweight one).
    I don’t think I’d ever have a ‘refined wine palate’, but relatively inexpensive, drinkable wine, yes please. And roses intrigue me particularly, since they’re pink, and I’m girly like that. But I think I could drink any color, depending on mood/weather.
    Looking forward to this! 🙂

    • My palate is entirely unrefined (BOXED WINE), but I have had such a wide variety of different wines that I know what I like. LOL I just bought four bottles today for $20. Cheaper = better!

  5. Everyone knows HPS scales with one’s level of inebriation!

    ❤ Codi.

    • IT DOES! 😀

  6. My wife and I enjoy wine with every raid. The quality of the raid usually is inversely proportional to the amount of wine we drink…

    That being said, I definitely appreciate WoW players who enjoy a good wine along with their WoW. Or is it a little WoW with their wine? 🙂

    Great post, I loved it. Moarpls!

    • WoW with the wine, completely. LOL

  7. Three /cheer’s for the Wino Class! I tend to reserve my wine appreciation for non-raids ( I know, L2 hold ur drink, noob), but I wholeheartedly want to give you a hi5 for being a purveyor of the vino and a spiffy post series to look forward to.

    My wine ritual usually involves marathon’s of Buffy or Xena (we all have our vices), but I like to try different wines every time. I wanted to suggest trying out pinot grigio’s, my favorite white wine. They come in every different shelf style, top end to affordable.

    And thanks for your excellent blog! I’ve got a resto shammy main and a priest on the way, your site is both entertaining and informative for heal-a-holics like myself. Cheers!

    • “The greej,” as my friends like to call it, is my #1 wine of choice. 😀 Dry whites are just -so- my thing!

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