I’m sorry for any hurt feelings


My previous posts were never meant to be insulting to anyone.  I’m sorry if I hurt any feelings or angered anyone.  It was not my intent.  Please accept my apologies if I caused any sort of distress.



  1. You know, I’m sorry that people jumped all over this, on both sides. It’s ok to have opinions. It’s even ok to present your position using wording that is imprecise and might lead to confusion or differing interpretations. We have to be better about not escalating things.

  2. I wish I hadn’t been away from the Internet for a few days. I just caught up on the whole episode and the extent to which it got escalated was unbelievable.

    I think it was easy to read your posts and take offense. I think it was somewhat harder to read your posts, take offense, re-read them carefully, gain a deeper understand of where you were coming from and what you were really trying to say, and respond accordingly. Some of your (usually intelligent and reasonable) detractors may have been better served by constructive criticism of your writing style than by tearing you down as a person.

    I hope this does not push you away from blogging. I enjoy your writing very much and I’d be sad to see your voice leave the WoW blogosphere.

  3. Sorry, I did kind of go off on one – a lot of the ideas that came out of this pushed a lot of my personal buttons, and I probably overreacted, for this I apologize.

    I did feel genuinely upset by Codi’s original post, and by several of her comments. I’m afraid my natural instinct when upset by something is to try to take it apart, and I tend to use language as a weapon because, well, I’m a blogger, it’s kind of my medium.

    The original post on RO was intended as a riff on the general theme of addons (with, I admit, a strong “this person is wrong” vibe – I’ve done the same thing to Gevlon a few times).

    I’m afraid in this instance I became rather too emotionally invested in the topic and the ideas that I felt surrounded it, and I lashed out rather too forcefully. For this I am genuinely sorry.

  4. See, I think this discussion has got a little bit out of control. So I will quote Chas, who was talking about me 🙂 “His post was deeply apologetic”.

    I certainly didn’t mean to be apologetic. I like my addons, and your post just gave me a chance to rant myself 🙂 … as did others.

    Don’t apologise for your opinions. Just because mine are different, yours are no less valid. We have blogs because in the main we are a garrulous, opinionated bunch who feed off each other!

    If we had nothing to blog about we would be left moaning about the paladin cataclysm changes after all 😀

    Don’t let it get to you and keep on posting, if only to make us think and justify the decisions that we all make!

  5. All good. Much more interesting than a cataclysm class update 🙂

    Gooble gobble.

  6. Don’t worry Codi, I disagreed but I’m still reading!

    (ps I know what you’re going through – I don’t think my reaction to the Cataclysm 25 vs 10 man raiding endeared me to my readers at all).

  7. You did say a couple incendiary things in your first post, and although I disagree with you I don’t think you need to apologze for your opinions.

    I’m impressed with the amount of blog posts your zero-addon update spawned. Here’s mine! 😛


  8. I totally don’t get how any of this has gotten people so excited. I’ve stayed mostly quiet in all of this just so that I don’t add fuel to any of the fires.

    Having said that, if you feel the need to flee and hide out in Canada, let me know, and we can get to work on that Illumination post. ;D ❤

  9. From an educational standpoint, you and Tam and Chas have expressed and elicited valuable conversations and viewpoints about the pros and cons of using addons. Blogging can be a thorny business, though, putting yourself out there under a spotlight on a regular basis — I couldn’t do it, and I admire you who do.  Strong feelings and opinions can be overwhelming, even with pure and good intentions, as your exchanges have so clearly illustrated. I have read you all so regularly and for so long, listening to your voices and opinions and experiences and adventures, laughing and learning and caring about the game with you, looking forward to your next posts, that it has become impossible not to think of you as friends of a sort, although of course I don’t know you. But you three and a handful of others have become my very favorite WoW people, and it was hard to see you at odds. I hope at the end of the day there has been perspective and healing, and that you do not stop writing, nor change how you do it.

  10. ZOMG another O phone post about you! I look like a raving fan girl, I know.

    ❤ ya!

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