Simple Questions/Simple Answers #1


There is a section on ElitistJerks.com where you can post your questions and get them answered.  I don’t think many people actually -use- that, as there are so many who find the website disorganized or otherwise intimidating.  (They do live up to the “jerks” part pretty regularly.)  So I thought I’d offer that service here, instead.  The choice to do so was mostly made as I was helping a new-ish paladin streamline his gearing the other day and some of the things he didn’t know astounded me.  I’m going to start with a few of his questions here and hopefully my readers will toss more my way.

“Do you have to use two Nightmare Tears to activate the IED metagem?” – Nope, you don’t.  A Nightmare Tear counts for a red, yellow -and- blue in a single gem.  That means popping a single Nightmare Tear into your helm will allow you to gem pure INT everywhere else.

“What is the best libram and how do I get it?” – That would be the Libram of Renewal, available for purchase from the Heroism badge vendor.  (You’ll have to downgrade your Triumph badges to Heroism ones to buy it, just like you would if you were buying gems.)  You do NOT need to run Naxx for it.

“Should healadins gem for socket bonuses?” – No.

“What spells should a healadin be using?” – Mostly Holy Lights, with the occasional Flash of Light thrown in.  During low damage times, using more FoLs will be okay, but HL is the primary spell you should use.  Holy Shock is saved for movement or emergencies.

“What stats should a Disc. priest go for?” – Spellpower is king.  Everything else falls far down the list of importance.  Crit is more useful than haste or Spirit/MP5, so your gear should all have crit on it.  Whether you go crit/haste or crit/Spirit is rather unimportant.  Take whichever is higher ilevel of the two (more spellpower that way).  If you end up needing more mana, lean more towards crit/Spirit gear.

“Why do Resto. shaman run with such low MP5 these days?” – Because with enough crit (from their crit/haste gear), MP5 is largely unnecessary.  This is especially true when said shaman is using a (heroic) Solace.

“Does raiding with two Disc. priests work?” – Yes, just make sure healing assignments are by group and -very- clear.

There you have it.  Any other questions I run into will be posted at a later date.  It is rather hard trying to not give huge, in-depth answers!



  1. Are there still situations in which a Holy Priest could or should use Greater Heal?

    • Good question! Might be a bit complicated, but I’ll store it for next time. 🙂

  2. Err.. also.. as a reply to “Do you have to use two Nightmare Tears to activate the IED metagem?”

    The Nightsmare Tear is Unique-Equipped, so you can’t.

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