My O story


The internet is a small place.  This is especially true when it comes to the corner that WoW bloggers share.  A good example would be Oestrus finding me.

O and I were roommates starting about 5 years ago.  I was going to college at the time and she put up a Craigslist ad that really drew me in.  Dare I say, we clicked -immediately.-  For months we had a settled rhythm; spending time together was a blast and yet we were both able to give the other ample space.  We shared so many laughs (and so much Chinese take-out!) during those days that it makes me smile.  Sadly, those days were brought to an unfortunate end when life events came and put the stomp all over me, but her sense of humor and blunt honesty still stick with me.

Years later, I decided to start a healing blog for one reason or another.  Seeing as blogs often link to each other, I linked a healing blog I was reading at the time by the name of Divine Aegis.  Generally, I was one of those silent readers that blogs get, but then a post by a Tree drew my eye and I commented on it.  Said Tree even came to my blog and commented on something I had written.  It was a nice, civil conversation we had, neither of us really knowing the true identity of the other.  Not until months later when O happened to read my “About” page!  Her email to me right after made me laugh and laugh at just how small the world is.

I’ll be straight with you:  O and I have very different opinions on the state of WoW healing.  However, we share a love for the role and a bluntness that means you’ll never have to guess what our true meaning is.  Frankly, O is -amazing- and the fact that we took such similar paths makes me just crack up.  Two friends, separated by distance and time, find each other in a tiny subset community of a subset of a subset community.  (WoW > WoW bloggers > healing bloggers)  If that isn’t a heart-warming tale of fate, I don’t know what is.

Love you, O!  Keep on writing!


  1. That’s crazy!

  2. I laughed out loud at work reading this and I think I scared everyone around me at the office!

    Yes, much Chinese take out was had and I still have your dagger and your imps. Although I think my cat may have broke the arm off one of them or chipped it, at the very least.

    This was a very sweet post and I will certainly try to do you proud. 🙂

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