Adventures in bubblebotting


Just a quick post, seeing as it’s Sunday, but I had to say something about this.

Last night, my raiding group had three paladins, two shaman and one druid sign up for healers.  (Since I stopped being healing lead, we run 6 healers instead of 5.  It isn’t a choice I generally agree with, but change can be good.)  That healing make-up is pretty… mediocre, especially for the Lich King fight.  So the raid leader and healing lead asked me to get on my Disc priest to help out.  Of course, she’s my PvP character, so my gear on her is less than good.  I believe her average ilevel was 252, which is a bit low for healing 25-man hardmodes.  Needless to say, her gear was by far the worst of the 6 healers.  I’d never even stepped foot into a 25-man ICC with her.

Somehow, I got #2 on the healing charts on her anyway!  I probably would have had a better showing, but I have a terrible tendency to forget to watch my PoM cooldown.  Not to mention I spent the first few Infests on Lich King playing with PW:S ranks.  (Rank 9 was perfect with my gear.)  It just proved to me that all those times I have told Disc priests that bubblebotting is the most useful thing they could do was correct.  Even with my terrible gear and my complete lack of experience, the theorycrafting really paid off.

I’m pretty sure that all that PvP I’d done as Disc helped a ton, too.  Even when lagging during Sindy hardmode, I was quick enough on my feet to make sure I got a Pain Suppression off on myself so I didn’t die.  During Festergut hardmode, I was put in with the melee instead of standing to one of the sides like I’m used to, so I got to do lots of running around to avoid green slime being lobbed at my head.  If I had been keyboard turning, I’d have been utterly screwed.

All in all, it was a hilarious night for me.  I probably would have had a better showing had I actually done any of the fights on normal as a Disc priest, but I did alright.  One-shotting the Lich King fight was probably the highlight for me, seeing as I spent the entire fight absolutely flailing around with spell ranks and living in fear of being Defiled.  (Got it once, but dealt with it no problem.)  Maybe they’ll want me to switch to Disc full time?  I would laugh and laugh if that were so.



  1. I actually healed a raid for the first time as my disc priest this weekend and I hated it!

    It was a 25 man ICC PuG with some alts and friends of ours in another guild. I was the 2nd disc priest in the raid. I was extremely out of my element and I had that feeling you get when you’re going to the peak of a roller coaster and you’re like “I wanna get off that ride now.” That was me. I was literally close to having a panic attack.

    I think if my interface were in better shape (because I had stripped my VuhDo bare on that toon, thinking I would never raid with her) and there were a bit more organization in the run, it wouldn’t have been so unpleasant. I might be convinced to take another stab at it, but I felt completely and utterly useless as a disc priest.

    Maybe it’s just me – lol

    Glad to hear your run went well and that you were kicking ass. 🙂

  2. As long as I don’t have to do it.

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