Codi’s Corner (#1?)


I’m ripping off Kurn like you wouldn’t believe, but I had a couple of interesting searches  here that I wanted to share.  Thoughts on some will be more interesting and indepth than others.

1) “healers oom lk fight” – The LK fight can get pretty insane, especially with a group that hasn’t done it before.  The main key is to be proactive in your regen and to study the fight mechanics.  There are good times when conserving mana or using regen abilities is doable.  Make sure you’re popping your abilities early and often!  You’ll be able to use Mana Tide/Shadowfiend/Hymn of Hope twice during the fight if you do it correctly.  If you’re a Disc priest, make sure you are NOT bubbling the tanks and that you are downranking your bubbles if Infest isn’t breaking them.

2) “does trauma proc when casting hots” – It does and that’s why Druids get more out of Trauma than any other healer.

3)  “is trauma good for holy paladins” – Absolutely not.  The lack of HoTs, the placement of our healing assignments and the absolute lack of throughput stats on Trauma means that it is a terrible weapon for a healadin.  I know that people like to argue about this, about how there is “nothing better” out there, but there is.  Just because it is the highest ilevel healer weapon does -not- make it the best.  If higher ilevel meant better, then Gearscore would be correct.

4) “best tier 10 set holy paladin” – Helm and shoulders all the way.  The chestpiece isn’t bad, but there are more powerful items for that slot that are easily obtainable.

5)  “is there a reagent vendor in icc” – One spawns by Saurfang’s platform after you kill him.  Annoying, I know.

6)  “ember skyflare pally healing” – No.  Just no.  Insightful is the way to go.

7)  “trauma cooldown” – There is none.  Of the two types of proc mechanics, Trauma has the “low proc rate, but no CD” one.  That is why classes that are able to blanket the raid with HoTs get so much out of it.

8)  “holidays grace or blood queen holy pally” – There is no haste on Holiday’s Grace, so don’t use it.

9) “is holy paladin four piece teir worth it” – Nope.

10) “plague wing icc strategy disc priest” – Bubble.  Bubble some more.  Is Prayer of Mending on CD?  Good, keep it there.  And then bubble.

11)  “rylik mahariel” – Someone searched for my Dragon Age character?  Wow.  I’m… I don’t know.  Flattered?  Confused, certainly.

There were so many searches for best-in-slot lists, especially for a hardmode version.  So… well, I guess I should get onto posting mine, shouldn’t I?  I also found a very interesting couple of links to my blog that bring up an issue I’d like to touch on, but should probably get a post specifically for it.



  1. Hahahaha, well, if the alliteration works, it works. 😉

    Two things:

    is there a reagent vendor in icc

    Honest to God, I had no idea. Thanks for the heads up! 😀

    There is no haste on Holiday’s Grace, so don’t use it.

    The way I see it, grab whichever drops first, unless you are under 900ish haste, in which case, grab the BQ’s Crimson Choker. While it’s true that Holiday’s Grace has no haste, it DOES have a crapton of mp5 on it, which makes up for a lack of mp5 on your ideal bracers and cloak.

    I like to go through Vile Pickle’s guide to see all my options and I like their notes for the neck in particular:


    Of course, I did actually bid when heroic BQ’s Crimson Choker dropped the other night, since it has more haste than my Onyxia cloak and I was thinking about “upgrading” to the badge cloak just because I am never going to get a cloak. At all. 😛

    • Psst! Don’t tell anyone but… I think MP5 is utterly overrated. LOL My goal is to run as close to 100 MP5 pre-trinkets as I can. XD

      • I’m at 147 mp5 while casting, unbuffed, before heroic Solace and my other trinket is the Talisman. If you had double Solace, I could see not prioritizing mp5 a little more, since that’s an insane combo, regen-wise. 🙂

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