I’d forgotten how much fun Elemental shaman are.  I’m leveling mine so that the SO can have the other one back and so I can make her a -dwarf- with the expansion.

Can I tell you all a terrible secret?

…healing on a shaman is more fun than healing on any other class!  There, I admitted it.  With the expansion coming out, I can’t help but think about switching mains to a shaman.  Because it is fun.  I want to CH all over the map!  Of course, they’re making changes to how healing is done in Cataclysm, so it might not be as fun as it is now.

Thought I’d just let you know that, though.  I have to go prep for Dungeons & Dragons now…



  1. As a Holy paladin, even I simply must agree that healing on a Shaman is just incredibly fun! My wife has had one for a while now and it totally rocks! So I’ve also started leveling a shaman 🙂

  2. I dunno, I like holy pally heals a lot- I really love healing on both a holdyin and a resto shaman. And the pew pew lazerz are pretty fun too!

    … it’s hard for me to feel burned out with the two classes I play most. 🙂

  3. We’re delighted you’ve decided to join the dark side, Codi! You should be receiving your “Welcome to Resto Shaman” info packet in 5-7 business days. Our weekly “Chain Heal and You” support meetings are on Tuesdays at the World’s End Tavern. We also hold monthly info sessions about topics like “The care and feeding of your T10 talbuks” and “How to spice up your Riptide rotation”.

    Make sure to recycle your plate when you reroll, and glad to have you on the team! 😛

    • Good thing my paladin wears so much mail!

  4. I have an elemental shaman and I’ve healed on a priest and a druid so far. Druid is my main and priest is my alt. I don’t find holy pally healing to be too enjoyable (I think Codi and I covered this on a previous blog), but I’m not sure I could do resto shammy either.

    • Well, it’s less “instant spammy” and more “cast-time spammy” when you compare them. I just really like watching all the CH bounces!

      • I have to say I’m kind of spoiled. I don’t think I could used to the whole “cast bar” thing – lol

  5. I’ve found shaman to be be the least interesting of the healers (although I haven’t tried holy paly yet). They don’t have enough variety for me.

    Each to their own i guess.

    Gobble gobble.

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