what is this i dont even

what is this i dont even

That low part? 150-ish views per day.

This is what happens when WoW.com links you two days in a row.  Part of me wants to say “thanks” and part of me is laughing hysterically at the thought that so many people got to hear me positively -blather like a fool.-  Or, well, read me blather like a fool as the case may be.  This is still less scary to me than the whole podcast thing I did.  At least I can control my tone when it is in writing.  I sound like a bloody princess when I talk!



  1. Haha, grats. Good thing you use wordpress so your blog didn’t get KO’ed by the traffic spike like it would if you were self-hosted or something.

  2. Lordy, lordy! You say princess like it was a bad thing. (I couldn’t help but think of the old joke: what does a *princess* make for dinner? reservations) You sounded great on the podcast, and you write one of the dozen consistently best — smart, playful, insightful, and honest — WoW blogs on the internet. Rock on, princess.

  3. […] A few days ago when Codi at Moar HPS posted experiences getting traffic from two links from Wow.com, I didn’t think much of it.  I was amused, and maybe even a […]

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