Er, hello all you people from WoW.com.  I just happened to look in on my blog stats to see that I had well over 1200 views yesterday and am already approaching 800 today.  It almost makes me wish I had something wonderful and informative to write about today.  I suppose the best I can do is to make sure you all know that you’re invited to start any conversation with me that you’d like or to ask any questions you feel like.  Mi casa es su casa.



  1. Don’t mind me, I’m just addicted 😛

    No but seriously.. that’s LOT. I was excited about getting 31 views yesterday! Ah well 🙂

    I think this proves you say stuff that makes sense. Or makes people laugh, you pick. I vote for the former. I looked up some information on here today so I could explain the other holy pally in my guild how to play in a nice way. So yeah, I’m guilty, some of those views will be from me.

    • Ehrmm.. something screwed up, it shows the wrong blog url when I posted. If you don’t mind, Codi, I’ll post it here:


      If you do mind, feel free to remove this comment 🙂

    • I’m tempted to post a screenshot of my little “daily visits” chart thing. It’s pretty hilarious.

  2. Oooh, ooh! I have a question!
    Is it really worth worrying about having Mp5 or Crit with each haste piece? I’m a Holydin progressing on the LK25 Hc encounter, and all my (non-trinket) pieces have haste/something for their secondary stats. Now, I know that theoretically Mp5 is better on the basis that it provides more regen, but I’m finding it the case that damage spikes on the tank are enough for critical heals to make a big difference.
    Am I just being pedantic? Should the tank’s survivability even be in question, with the 20% buff up?

    • That’s a tough choice. The damage that goes out to the tanks during LK-25 hardmode is insane, bloody insane. Even when the 30% when it comes, getting hit for 67k will be no laughing matter! I, generally, like to stack crit for the extra throughput, but your mana -also- gets seriously tapped during that encounter. So I think it really is a matter of what you need. If you are constantly casting every single second, the crit might be giving you enough mana regen to stick with it. (The more you cast, the more regen crit is worth, so if you find yourself casting 1 second HLs -constantly,- you might see upwards of crit being worth 75% of the regen that you’d get from MP5 [adjusted for item budget].)

      Really, though, it depends on your group. If your tank is taking too much damage to work a FoL into your rotation and you don’t have Trees or CHing shaman to help cushion, you might have to go for more MP5. I hope that helps a little bit? XD

      • It did! What you’ve said is generally the case, which is relieving to hear from another person – My Holy Lights are only at 1.2s at the moment, but I figure for now I’ll try to maintain a balance, then work towards crit as I smooth out the last of my gear.

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