Is there such a thing as too much mana?


After reading a blog entry by a healadin who says that she doesn’t like using glyphed Seal of Wisdom, I felt I should touch on this subject.  It’s a bit funny, how Blizzard claims that mana regen is currently not something that healers take into account, yet I always seem to be bringing it up on my blog.  Sure, I’m not biting my nails during every fight to make sure I don’t waste a single drop of my blue bar, but all healers who are trying to progress should be thinking about just how much regen they need before going into the raid.

The question “is there such a thing as too much mana?” is an interesting one to me, as there is only one healing class right now that currently gems and enchants strictly for regen.  Some may view it as a necessary evil for keeping up in HPS, but I find it is actually more a case than gemming for anything except INT just doesn’t give the returns I’d like.  Priests and druids get to gem all those reds to see their healing go up across the board as they blanket the raid.  Shaman have that really run time gemming into haste and more haste, letting them spam those slow casting Chain Heals faster, faster, faster.  Those classes get to see a direct increase to their healing with their gem choices.

Healadins don’t get to have that.  By gemming any sort of throughput, we generate quite a bit of “waste.”  Spellpower will simply up the overhealing.  Haste would drop us below the 1 second mark and cost us way too much mana to sustain.  Crit is laughable with how little it gives us, especially with the amount we have with proper gearing.  All of these stats just produce a very “meh” feeling, in that in the end we get very little out of them.  But INT?  That stat gives us exactly what we need.  More casts mean more healing.  Being able to sustain Holy Light for longer will up your HPS far more than gemming any sort of throughput.

Let’s just be honest:  If you have too much mana when you are gemmed/geared correctly, the problem lies with how you are healing.

People hate to hear that.  We all hate to be told “you are doing it wrong” and we like to scowl at those doing it, trying to make the person saying it sound like the villain.  That doesn’t mean it isn’t -true,- however.  If you are considering switching from glyphed Seal of Wisdom to glyphed Seal of Light as a healadin, you are, in fact, “doing it wrong.”  (Dreamwalker and PvP excluded, of course.)  What I mean by that is that you are doing a huge disservice to yourself, your raid and the other healers.  You are not holding up your end of the bargain and trying your hardest to keep people alive by using every ounce you have.

Cast more.  I keep trying to drill this into people’s heads, but it is absolutely true.  Cast more, cast more, cast more.  If you’re gemmed/enchanted/geared correctly, you must cast more.   Even if you’re -not- maximized in your gear, just cast more.  (And then go fix your gear after the raid…)  Never stop casting!  Every GCD used is one less thing you’re putting on the shoulders of your compatriots.  This isn’t about “I don’t want to step on the other healers’ toes,” it is about “what can I do to make things easier for everyone else.”  The answer?  -Cast more!-  Mana problem solved.



  1. Delightful and true! After I hit the 40k mark with raid-buffed mana, I started wondering if there was a point where I couldn’t ever spend what I had.

    I should have known better – I can spend it all, every time. Every upgrade I take has more haste on it, so I’m casting more. I still have to Plea early and often. Low DPS can run me OOM, and I have to play quite conservatively when the raid doesn’t have replenishment.

    There are so many fights in current raiding that give holy paladins an opportunity to heal more than the tanks. It seems pretty bizarre to me to just keep an eye out on the one tank when there’s 24 other raid members who could really use a heal.

    • I love single tank fights, since it is so much to Beacon the tank and then just -go to town- on the raid. XD More HL is more better!!! ;D

      • While it’s not the same gap as it was in ToGC, I would venture FoL focus isn’t -too- much worse than HL with the huge ICC buff, but I certainly wouldn’t swap my gems/gear to use FoL.

      • Depends on the content. Anything that would be considered difficult, you will pretty much always see much better use from a HL oriented healadin.

    • Unfortunately for us, this often backfires. Not to mention the horrendous overheal! But that’s what my 36k manapool is for…

  2. Very nice post! The only thing I’d add is that things are, of course, very different when you’re a healadin focusing on FoL. On the other hand, gemming full int and focusing on FoL is also just doing it wrong.

    I agree with you to never stop casting though. Even when you’re short on mana, if you can pull it off during a moment of low damage, cast FoL to top people off, but don’t stop casting. This is also because of our best meta gem, the Insightful Earthsiege Diamond.

    • Well, using a FoL spec as a healadin in this day and age is absolutely nerfing yourself and your raid. See my previous posts on the matter for the reasons. LOL So, while you might be doing things okay as a FoL paladin, you’d be doing things -better- as a HL paladin. And that’s really all that matters, right?

  3. Casting while the tank is at full HP just feels *wrong*. It’s good that holy is just my alt’s offspec, because I can’t get myself to do it. It’s *wasteful* (and yes, it has wiped some raids because the tank did take damage and I couldn’t heal in time). I hope Cataclysm changes this… managing mana is actually fun for me.

    (Fwiw, my main is a tree, so I’m coming from a totally different healing style.)

    • I always tell people to think of it like it’s Regrowth. You want to cast -before- the tank takes damage to get that “HoT rolling.” LOL Just, you know, -keep- casting it.

      • I know, this is painful stuff for me. Doesn’t help the raid heals like healing the tank too! 😛

        I’ll be sure to use that tip, Codi. It just feels wasteful and OH-y, but I’m sure it won’t be; so I’ll do it anyway! xD

      • Ok, ran raids over the weekend and it worked BLISSFULLY. And I mean it. I’m actually pulling my weight in healing.

        … Even though I’m doing ~80% overheal. Oh well.

  4. Two slightly contradictory things:
    1. I strongly agree with the gist of your post. It really irks me that some fresh holy pallys out there are just oblivious to what’s best for them and their raids. A few days ago one was trying to convince me that his pvp libram and two hit pieces shouldn’t be held against him and that HL healing was wrong. He was arguing with me and trying to get a raid invite >.<

    2. I have two haste gems. They were switched for int gems one night before raid and halfway through were switched back. The raid comp was probably lacking haste buffs but it felt awful and eventhough I've gotten loads more haste via gear I can't bring myself to change them.

    • Well, if you’re severely under haste-cap or something, I could probably see it. I know a lot of paladins hate taking mail gear, so they see their haste really falling as they upgrade to 264s. But really, with proper gearing you should be at 1.25 second HLs or faster will little trouble at all, and without having to rely on sub-optimal gemming.

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  7. […] Moar HPS wants to know if there’s such a thing as too much mana. […]

  8. […] Moar HPS wants to know if there's such a thing as too much mana. […]

  9. Ahhhh… the Old Days… One of the best posts a hPally could read in ICC. Times are a’ changing though D:

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