I’ve gone casual?


So, my posts have been few and far between lately, which I apologize for.  I have at least two bopping around in my head, but I’ve not had the time to get them out yet.  This is due to the fact that I have a new job which is sucking both my energy and my time away from my blog and from the game.  For almost two years, I’ve been a homemaker.  The sudden change to working for someone is a larger one than I thought it would be!  I’ve suddenly lost all my old skills of working and then coming home to raid.  It really is a skill and I’ve completely lost it.

This blog isn’t going anywhere, as I -do- plan on playing during the expansion and I still have a large quantity of knowledge about healing I can share.  I’m just going to be more of an “armchair general” than I’m used to.  I’ll be raiding less often, playing less often and being a healing lead not at all.  (Probably the saddest part of it all…  I just cannot keep the post when I haven’t the time to do outside research like I used to.  The section deserves better than me being “half ass” when I’m even able to be there at all.)

I really have to question, though, if my new scheduling issues means that I can now be considered a “casual?”  One raid a week, if I can manage it, and little real playtime logged will be all I can manage.  Or does it take more than that?  I’ll certainly not be throwing random gems into my gear or running with a less than optimal spec.  Does that mean I’m going to be “part-time hardcore?”  Do I get to make my own label up for myself?  “Temporally challenged formally progressive armchair general” sounds rather nice…



  1. Everyone needs that moment in their life when WoW isn’t the priority. Sometimes, it isn’t the prime moment but it happens because whether any of us like to admit it real life > WoW.

    Good luck at your new job!

    Also, if you’re struggling with a gamer identity, sit and think about what a casual player means. I can assure that casual doesn’t equal stupid as in gemming stupid gems or not knowing the class/spec. Rather, or at least as I see, casual means something “I will raid if I have the time or want to” or “I would like to get on WoW, but I know I can’t tonight” and no one will hold it against you. Casual is the fun, laid-back side of raiding not the “OMFGUNOOBL2PLAY!” side.

    But more importantly, no one has to have a label.

    • I know what you’re saying, but it is hard for me to separate myself from all the times I’ve run into people playing just awful who blame it on their being “casual.” Generally it is done in the same breath as them calling me “hardcore” in an insulting tone.

      Labels and I have a long relationship, one that isn’t liable to change. LOL Too much college education in social fields, I guess. All language -is- is a fancy way of labeling the things we experience! XD

  2. A casual or hardcore approach to the game has more to do with the quality of effort we put into the game than the quantity of time. What makes awful players awful isn’t the hours logged, but what they do during that time. It’s analogous to thinking that gearscore is the same as skill.

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