I’m a PvE Hero


No, the title doesn’t refer to my performance in PvE encounters, but instead to my performance in PvP ones!  Due to some serious pushing (and guilt), I’m trying to gear my paladin for PvP.  What this means is that I am running battlegrounds on her in all PvE gear, making me one of those hated “PvE Heroes” that we hear about.

I know I should craft myself some of the blue PvP gear, but it is so hard trying to force myself to put away my 277 gear for it.  And I know I should change my secondary spec so that I have necessary talents like Sacred Cleansing.  I -know- I should!  I grumble and bitch about other PvE Heroes in battlegrounds while I’m on my priest, trying desperately to keep them alive as they eat damage like it is cake.  But… I just can’t.  I don’t want my 10k FoLs to go away, I don’t want my Sacred Shield to become a weak imatation!

When I started gearing my priest, I had no issues stuffing her into the craft cloth PvP gear.  I was beyond squishy and her PvE gear wasn’t all that much to write home about.  I rushed into arenas in the stuff, even, perfectly satisfied knowing that my throughput would be crap, but at least I had some resilience to keep me from becoming a schmear on the floor in a single global.  I went about gearing her in the time-honored tradition of “survivability first, then throughput.”  Heck, I’m still working on her gear, since I’m such a PvP noob.

My paladin is a whole different matter.  My throughput is so incredibly high (for PvP, at least) that I just can’t bring myself to sacrifice it for such little return.  (Because not getting destroyed is such a -small thing,- obviously!)  Even swapping out my mail PvE chestpiece for a Furious one made me frown.  It is utterly illogical, but it is entirely true.

I am a PvE Hero.  Don’t be like me!



  1. I am guilty of the same. Nothing says invincible when I’m healing a pvp-geared warrior for 90% of his health every 1.3 secs (HL specced). We become a 2-man Horde elimination team. I just love pvp healing in my raid gear. I hope I can do that in rated bg’s come Cata.

    • It can be fun in world PvP or battlegrounds (until the other side realizes you’re in PvE gear and tunnel you down), but I tend to just jump into arenas blindly and there it is a -real- problem. LOL

  2. It’s also tempting as a healer because you can try to just avoid taking damage entirely by trying to hide in a bush.

    Make sure you take advantage of some of the gear in wintergrasp. Wintergrasp marks of honor and stonekeeper’s shards are pretty easy to come by. When I decided to try on some pvp gear I was surprised by how easy it was to get gear through wintergrasp.

    • Oh, I am well aware of Wintergrasp rewards. My priest is pretty well geared at this point (only a few pieces of Relentless left, the rest Wrathful) and I went through that whole “moar PvP gear from anywhere!” stage. The problem is that my paladin’s PvE gear is just so good I don’t want to be rid of it. LOL

  3. You don’t have to be a pve hero, relentless/wrathful is not hard to get…. srsly

  4. I fucking hate your kind, do you even realize that youll never heal as much in a pvp area bc you dont benefit from your armor’s bonus (in pvp environment) ? God i bet you been playing for like 5 years but u stil dont know that ! We just loose bc of people like u ffs, this game been designed for two things : if you pve, get pve gears, if you pvp get pvp gears, and you cant even fucking do that ? i swear to god id kick ur fucking face, fucking bullsht player
    fucking buy some pvp gears and gem it as you should, you will do a fuck more heals than with your gay pve gears

    peace out fucking no skill healers

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