Healadin Do-it Yourself – Converting INT (and crit) to MP5


I was emailed just recently asking for the formulas to convert INT into MP5.  The answer I sent back was rather complicated and took a long time to write, so I figured I’d turn it into a blog post.  More people might want to take a “do-it yourself” attitude towards their mana regen.  Why wouldn’t you, right?

– First it is about averages –

Before you can even begin to look at the math, you need to figure out the average amount of times things happen.  Open up those WoLs, ladies and gents, and let’s get ready to spend some time at it.  This is the most time consuming part of the whole process, but it is necessary if you are going to get an accurate answer.  (Otherwise you’d just straight up believe me when I tell you it should be about 1 INT =~ .8 MP5!  But that’s not what this is about, is it?)  I like to go through and find all the hardmodes for my averages, as I tend to get very lazy during farm content and that throws off my numbers.  Just remember to get as large a sample as you can.

The abilities are you looking for are Divine Plea, Judgment of Blah (doesn’t matter which) and Arcane Torrent if you’re a blood elf.  You’re also looking for uptime on Replenishment and Revitalize.  Also, you need to know if you normally have a Restoration Shaman in your group for Mana Tide totem.  For most people, that’s a binary yes-no answer.  If you are like me and always have at least one, but sometimes have -two,- I suggest doing the math figured with just the one and consider the second a “bonus.”

You will need to convert your casts into casts per five minutes for all fights, before trying to average them.  It’s not hard, just convert those 12 Judgments during that 6.5 minute fight into x casts for a 5 minute one by putting it into seconds.  (12/360 = x/300)  Do that for each fight and then add up all the xs and divide by your sample size.  It is completely alright to work with a decimals (ex. 10.6) as that won’t mess up the math.

To get an accurate number from the crit rating portion of it, you’ll likewise need to find the average casts per minute for Holy Light, Flash of Light and Holy Shock.  Note that it is casts per -one minute- for those spells and not per five minutes as for the others.  Decimals are again okay to have.

Now we figure out your average up-time on Replenishment and Revitalize.  WoL is very nice in that it gives you the number of ticks per fight.  So you’ll be converting those 270 ticks in that 5.25 minute fight to x ticks in a 5 minute fight.  (270/315 = x/300)  What we’re looking for is the average up-time, this time, so once you find that average x, go ahead and divide it by 300.  If you don’t have a number that is less than 1, then something went wrong in your calculations.

That was step one.  Now it’s time to move onto the far more fun step two!

– Plug and chug –

This is pretty straightforward, but I suggest using a round number for INT in these equations.  I favor using 10 INT, since working with smaller numbers can get messy.  (You’d just divide by 10 at the end if you want to know what 1 INT is in MP5.)  If you are looking for a specific MP5 amount from a given item, like the Talisman of Resurgence, you -can- plug it into the equations and do it that way, although I’d probably recommend finding for 1 INT and then multiplying at the end instead.  Also, if you’re looking for the MP5 from an item, -always- remember to add in that extra 10% INT that healadins get!  (The aforementioned Talisman yields ~141 INT to healadins.)

Okay, enough talk.  Time for numbers!

Mana from INT:
1 INT = 18 mana
z INT * 18 = x

a) Crit mana return formula:
((z / 166.66667) + 3.336) = Crit % from z INT
Crit % from z INT * 45.91 = Crit rating from z INT
(HLPM * 382.2 * 0.0002178 * .o83333) + (HSPM * 237.3 * 0.0002178 * .o83333) + (FoLPM * 92.1 * 0.0002178 * .o83333) = the MP5 1 crit is worth to you for this fight where HLPM = Holy Lights per minute, HSPM = Holy Shocks per minute, and FoLPM = Flash of Lights per minute
Crit rating from z INT * MP5 from 1 crit = a
a = MP5 from z INT via crit

b) Mana Tide formula:
(x * 0.24 / 5 / 60) * 5 = mp5 from Mana Tide, where x is the mana gained from z INT
b = MP5 from z INT via Mana Tide

c) Replenishment formula:
(x * 0.01) * y = mp5 from Replenishment, where x is the mana gained from z INT and y is the average uptime expressed as a decimal
c = MP5 from z INT via Replenishment

d) Revitalize formula:
(x * 0.01) * y = mp5 from Revitalize, where x is the mana gained from z INT and y is the average uptime expressed as a decimal
d = MP5 from z INT via Revitalize

e) Judgments formula:
((x * .04) * y) + ((4394 * .02) * y) / 60 = mp5 from Judgments, where x is the mana gained from z INT and y is the average number of Judgments in 5 minutes
e = MP5 from z INT via Judgments

f) Divine Plea formula:
(x * .25) * y) / 60 = mp5 from Divine Plea, where x is the mana gained from z INT and y is the average number of Pleas in 5 minutes
f = MP5 from z INT via Divine Plea

g) Arcane Torrent formula (blood elf only):
(x * .06) * y) / 60 = mp5 from Arcane Torrent, where x is the mana gained from z INT and y is the average number of Torrents in 5 minutes
g = MP5 from z INT via Arcane Torrent

a + b + c + d + e + f + g = MP5 gained from z INT

– Wasn’t that fun? –

That first step of finding the averages of everything is my least favorite part, since it takes so long to really get a good sample size.  Since the crit rating formula is in there, I labeled this for finding the MP5 from crit, too.  Now that I’m looking back at it… I feel like I have forgotten something in there, some step that would be really useful to know for beginners or something.  Hmm.  Well, if anyone spots it, let me know, I guess!


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  1. I am so glad I encouraged a post 😛

    Thanks again!

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