Burn out – Trying to stay interested


I have to admit, things on the PvE side of the game have just been boring the heck out of me.  Our group is 7/12 hardmodes in 25-man and part of me just doesn’t care if we ever get the other 5.  Every time we wipe on something that we’ve done a million times before, I can feel myself becoming frustrated.  There are days when the thought of logging onto my paladin makes me want to scream; sometimes even seeing her in the character select screen is enough to keep me from logging onto an alt.

Burn out is destroying my enjoyment of raiding, but I’ve found a way to keep my head in the game.  I want to share it with my readers because I know that I’m certainly not the only one suffering from this problem.  If my solution helps others out then, hey, that’s great.

– PvP has saved my sanity –

To be specific, I don’t PvP on my paladin (although I’ve considered it now and again), but instead to do it on my Disc priest and it is a very good time.  The best part about PvP as a raider is that the challenge is completely different.  It isn’t about executing a set encounter perfectly with your group, it is about adapting to the situation and being quick on your feet.  The skill set is at first strange and bizarre, but as time goes on it starts to become easier and you learn more about your abilities than you ever did.

It’s important to keep in mind that you are PvPing for -fun- and not for another thing to stress over.  Get one or two of your raider friends and make yourself an arena team to mess around with.  Buy some Furious gear with those Triumph badges to start out  and hop into vent to laugh with each other.  If you decide to go into battlegrounds as a healer, make sure you bring a DPS friend to follow around and be ready to have huge amounts of players targeting you.  Relax and know that becoming that Walking Target Sign is just part of the fun.

Reading up a little on arenajunkies.com or even WoWwiki is a very good idea, if only so you aren’t completely in the dark when you start.  I actually favor befriending a PvPer and chatting with them about things.  I’m also a fan of copying the specs and gearing of accomplished PvPers as a new person, since that way you can focus on the fighting and less on how much spell hit you need!  (5% if you’re curious.)  Joining random battlegrounds solo or with only one person can be a bit maddening at times, it’s true, so just keep your cool.  The last thing a new PvPer should do is “talk smack” in battlegrounds chat, as many times the things they want people to do are just plain wrong.  (For example, controlling the middle is very important in WSG once both teams have epic riding.)

Overall, just have fun with it!  Killing people of the opposite faction can be very therapeutic.

– Other little tricks I use –

I love to roleplay and I have done it on non-RP realms to great effect, too.  RPing on the character you raid on can give the battles you fight more meaning and also add a depth to your main that may keep you from want to delete them.  Even if you’re only saying a few things in /say during trash pulls or break time, it can help work the creative side of your brain to keep the logical side from having a blow-out.

Even if RPing isn’t your thing, sometimes taking a little time to read the lore can help relax you and get you more in the mood for the raid.  Knowing how Arthas became the Lich King and why he needs to be killed may give you just a bit more determination as your wipe to him night after night.  Instead of just being a guy who drops your healing sword, he may suddenly become someone you want to destroy for killing his own father.  The stories involved in Icecrown are actually pretty interesting if you take the time to read them.

I know many people level alts to relax or spec into tanking/DPS on their healer to try to stave off burn out, but my last suggestion is actually to go back and run the old raid content.  There is something very relaxing about taking a couple of your friends and wiping out Karazhan at record speeds.  Revisiting those spots where you felt that frustration you do now can be very good for you, as can getting a chance to see content you didn’t get to at the time.  Not to mention, it’s really good money!

– The end is coming, try to enjoy the ride –

Cataclysm is coming soon and sometimes it feels like I’m just trying to hang on until it does.  The entire healing section during our raids sometimes all feel burnt out, which can cause real problems for us.  But if doing little things can keep it from seeming overwhelming, then I’ll do everything I can to keep my head in the game.  And yes, I know it’s a game, but if I decide that it’s no fun and stop showing up for raids, I’m causing problems for 24 other people.  Which I suppose brings me to the real thought when it comes to burn out…

If you are feeling frustrated and not having fun, work with your raid leadership to see what can be done to alleviate the strain.  If they are kept in the loop, many times they will go out of their way to give you a lighter raiding schedule or a week off.  Telling them how you’re feeling -before- you up and quit from burn out makes life better for everyone involved.  They won’t be left scrambling for a replacement and you won’t be leaving with all those negative feelings.  Believe me, your raid leadership understands how you feel!



  1. Hey Codi, grats on 7/12… don’t give up those extra couple hardmode bosses are just about to give up and fall over. It’s always difficult to keep positive when you’re in a progression slump, and knowing that everything is just filler until the next expansion makes it doubly difficult.

    I was writing over at Kurn’s Corner (they’re 9/12 hardmode 25 icc i think) that there’s a serious shortage of strategy information about how successful guilds are tackling and completing the hardmode encounters. I found myself trying to get information about how to approach heroic Putricide and came across my own goddamn comment on a blog (asking a question!).

    Anyway, perhaps you could think about those fights that your guild has successfully completed and write tips/trick hardmode guides for you blog?

    It’s something that I’m thinking about doing, but I’d need my raid lead and healing lead to help me out (usually I just stand in a corner and pew pew!).

    • Sure, I could probably handle that. Prof. Put is kinda a huge jerk. 😛 What other ones would you like to see? My guide to Saurfang would be pretty darned easy. “Bring 3 healadins, even if they are alts. Heal Marks. Win.” XD

      • I’d really like to see a guide on healing Heroic Deathwhisper. I’m having problems surviving on that fight (surpisingly mostly from Adds killing me, but some from Ghost explosions) and I’d love any information you could give us!
        My vote also goes to a Putricide one as well!
        We’re currently 8/12 working on Deathwhisper and Putricide lately. Good luck on your encounters!

  2. my name is Unlovable of Mal’Ganis and im a SP Build Holy Pally and i declare warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

    • Uh, okay. LOL How exactly do we determine the winner of this war? Most hardmodes? Most HPS?

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