Dragon Age – my other gaming obsession


I have a passion for Bioware games, a really big one.  I played Neverwinter Nights online for a very long time and really enjoyed the roleplaying I found there.  My current obsession is Dragon Age, one of those games that I recommend every WoW player check out.  It is masterfully done and well worth the money.  (The expansion is fun, but I recommend waiting until it comes down in price.  I cleared it in about 10 hours and didn’t really find it all that compelling to play through it again.  I’ve -yet- to clear it a second time, yet I’m on my 6th play through of the original…)  Let me introduce you all to my characters, because I think we need some levity around here.  No, this won’t be all of them.  I’ll probably end up playing through this thing at least 10 times, if not more…

Nikkal Amell

Nikkal Amell - Human Mage

First, let’s meet Nikkal, the first character I beat the game with!  Yes, I named her after my WoW priest, because I wanted to start playing the game immediately upon opening instead of sitting staring at the character creation screen.  She is a very sweet girl, this a touch of rebel in her, but is still a “goody-two-shoes.”  She isn’t very religious, but she does believe in the Maker even if she thinks the Chantry is in general way overbearing.  Her main squeeze is Alistair, who she is traveling the world with now.  Yes, she went with the -other person- in the big choice and then made the other terrible, evil choice.  When it comes down to it, she wouldn’t be able to live without him and she felt that was worth making some less than stellar choices for.  She also made the choice to help her fellow mages gain additional freedoms, since she remembers just how tough it was in the tower.  Her skin tone was much darker when I went about creating her and I’m not really a fan of how wooden she looks, but she’s a doll.  (And a healer!  Arcane Warrior/Spirit Healer, to be exact.)

Jora Tabris

Jora Tabris - City elf rogue

One of the characters I’m currently working on!  Jora is amazing in that she’s incredibly strong and isn’t afraid to do questionable things in the name of the Wardens.  She is very business-like, but harbors a real dislike for humans.  (Considering what happens her back story, I’m not surprised.  Yeesh.)  She doesn’t make friends very much with the humans in her party, but she’s growing pretty close with Zevran.  She sees in him a reflection of herself.  Well, Leliana has taken a strange liking to her, maybe because they both favor the bow and both like singing.  Being as pragmatic as she is, I’ve yet to see what will happen in the game’s major moral questions; I have a feeling that she’ll be loath to miss the option of increasing the Wardens’ chances of success, but won’t see any real point in bringing something into the world that she might have to eventually fight.  To her, the Wardens are absolutely her home and her duty now.  I’m really, really happy with how she turned out looking, too.  She’s the most natural looking of my characters so far.

Glorunn Aeducan

Glorunn Aeducan - Dwarf noble warrior

Oh, man, Glorunn.  She is so darned noble and honorable that she won’t do -anything- that might come close to being questionable.  That goes for everything, by the way, so she ends up being pretty much a martyr for the cause for the entire playthrough.  (Yup, all the way through it, for those who have played.)  It… doesn’t make Leliana very happy, let me tell you.  She never fails to remind her party where their duty lies and makes her decisions with a level head.  The experience of being royalty also tends to make her a little hard on all the other royalty she runs across, but they can’t really argue with her logic, so it works out for the greater good in the end.  I tried to make her a little more “butch” looking that my other characters, but she still has some pretty girl in her, when she is destroying things with her two-hand sword.  She pampers her lover -rotten- though, let me tell you.  Leliana is -swimming- in flowers and shoes.

Silvia Cousland

Silvia Cousland - Human noble warrior

What a little spit-fire minx Silvia is…  Her romance with Alistair is based on her teasing him to no end and being pretty bossy.  When she finds out his secret, she doesn’t even let him into the major battles anymore, taking to “tanking” things for him.  Heh.  Considering that she went with the “sparkles and unicorns” ending, you can imagine how things will turn out for the two of them in the long run!  Religion is rather a large part of her life, but she’s isn’t that big a stickler about enforcing the rules.  She’s just too busy having a good time, I guess.  Being raised a pampered noble daughter has given her a bit of a brat streak that she’ll have to keep in check, but I’m pretty sure the world will be fun place from now on.

Rylik Mahariel

Rylik Mahariel - Dalish elf rogue

(That’s a pretty epic screenshot that I couldn’t help using, despite Rylik being off to the side.)  People laugh when I tell them that Rylik is my “main” for this game, but he really is.  He is so well-balanced and calm, yet isn’t afraid of having a good time.  He and Alistair have the most awesome “bromance” ever, it’s hilarious to see the two of them together, picking on each other.  Even though he’s Dalish, Rylik has flourished since becoming a Warden, in no small part because he felt he had issues fitting in with his clan.  The Dalish are strongly interested in increasing their numbers and Rylik is homosexual, making him rather the “odd man out” in the tight-knit family of his people.  Since meeting Zevran, he has really blossomed and come out of his shell, in a professional matter as well as romantically.  He and Zev are twin terrors with their daggers, both favoring the shadowy skills of assassinations.  Rylik never loses sight of the smaller consequences of his actions, trying to balance the greater good with personal feelings.  If anything, I’d say he is staunchly against taking anything to extremes.  On the looks side, yes, I have a thing for red-haired elves it seems.  I tried to make him not look incredibly feminine which is really -hard- with elves, but he’s such a darling.  He makes quite a pair with Zevran!

Deren Amell

Deren Amell - Human Mage

Deren is being hilariously fun to play, since he is such a -jerk.-  He absolutely detests the Circle and the Chantry, going to some pretty extreme lengths to work against the both of them.  Morrigan adores how utterly ruthless he is, doing anything that will gain him power and cutting down anyone in his way.  Survival of the fittest is absolutely his motto.  People have to earn his respect and so far few people have done so.  He pretty much ignores Alistair and only barely tolerates Leliana, although he and Sten have a grudging respect for each other.  To him, really, the Wardens are a means to an end, that end being more power and his continued freedom.  Without the Wardens, he’d be in big trouble as he is a Blood Mage.  What he wants, he takes.  And it’s pretty fun to be along for the ride while he does so!  Yes, both of my mages are black, mostly because the skin tone looks ridiculous on dwarves and elves.  Well, and it would be pretty funny as a human noble, with the rest of the family being white!  Well, okay, I kind of envisioned Deren being Nikkal’s younger brother, although I know that doesn’t really work as far as the story goes.  It was an amusing idea…  I don’t know -why- Deren seems to have such a big chin, but I guess he doesn’t really care that much about how he looks.  He’ll just set people who comment about it on fire.


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