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Even here on my blog, people are pretty up in arms about what I’ve written about the changes coming with the expansion.  I find it pretty hilarious that people are so defensive about it.  Let’s just break it down into very simple truths here.

Truth #1:  People want the best loot in the game without having to deal with the “RL work” of 25-mans. Those are the people that rejoice over these changes and the ones that have convinced Blizzard to make these changes.  The majority of the WoW community want things faster and easier.  If only for logistical reasons, that means 10-mans.

Truth #2:  Without the “carrot” of only getting the best loot in the game from 25-mans, recruitment for those raiding guilds will be more difficult. People who say this isn’t true are just fooling themselves.  Go to your realm forum at the WoW website.  Read some of the posts there.  How many of those people do you think want to deal with the longer raid times, more wipes and general herding of cats that has to go on for 25-mans?

Truth #3:  Even the most stalwart of 25-man groups will die when they can’t recruit enough people to make up for those they lose through attrition (RL stuff like new jobs, marriages, having a baby, moving, etc.). If a group’s members are stalwart in their support of their 25-mans to a person, unless they can find equally committed and skilled players to replace those they lose to RL events the group -will- die.

Truth #4:  25-man raiders have every right to be upset about Blizzard killing off our raiding groups while trying to hide it behind a false “choice.” Even if I choose to raid 25-mans, if 24 equally skilled and driven people don’t make the same choice, then my having any sort of choice in the first place is negated.

Truth #5:  Telling people that being upset is “wrong” or that they are just mad as “losing epeen rights” is immature, untrue and dickish.

A couple more interesting reads on the changes here, here and here.  Vixsin has a very rational analysis of the situation and keep himself emotionally removed from his arguments, which is nice to see. Cassandri goes the other direction, calmly explaining how a 25-man raider is being effected by this emotionally.  Excellent reads, all of them.

As for myself, I’m tired of having “pro-10s advocates” stomping all over and ignoring Truth #5 up there.  Guess what?  My raiding group made up of 25+ friends is going to break up, if not at release of the expansion then whenever RL situations pulls enough people away and we can no longer get the people to fill our spots.  It’s Blizzard’s doing and totally out of our control.  I think that gives me the right to be at least a -little- hurt and angry, don’t you?



  1. Like I said on my blog, 10s are our little families during the week and 25s are our weekend guild “block party”. 10s are probably going to prevail and we’re considering the idea of an alt25 to socialize. Yes, we like 25 man loot – we’d be lying to state otherwise, but far more important for us is the idea of most of the guild getting together and hanging out. If we only do 10 mans, there are a number of friends I’d probably never raid with again – including my RL best friend – who can’t make the time for the 10 man I’m in and thus is on another team!

    • Yeah, we’re going to be keeping the channel we share up, too, but we’re a raiding coalition of vanity and RP guilds, so it’s even -harder- to keep in contact with raids to pull us together. 😦 I really like your idea of alt 25 runs, though! Maybe I’ll bring that up to the others if this change goes through to see if that will keep us together.

    • Going out on a limb and assuming I’m the RL friend (*feels the love*), I love that idea Askevar. Do a 25 man, but more for the socialization than the loot.

      Regarding Codi’s post, I think it’s entirely your right to feel as you do and think that there are probably a number of folks who, for various reasons feel let down by Blizzard and angry at how this will affect your raiding. You make good points about the changes, as have many bloggers’ posts I’ve read. For you, these changes are hitting harder because of your situation, but on the complete other side of things, there are some bloggers from 10 man strict guilds who feel elated, like they may not get looked down on anymore for choosing to raid as they do. It’s a change that’s got people on both sides quite strongly opinionated.

      For myself, I’m….eh, wait and see about it all. I raid both 10 and 25 mans and like both for different reasons. I’m wary and somewhat scared about the changes, not sure how they’ll affect me. It’s not like in BC when it was like “40 mans are DONE, it’s 10 or 25 mans now”

      • I never understood where this “looked down on” viewpoint comes from. There are people like me who openly admit that we don’t really write for a 10-man audience, as optimizing for 25s pretty much means you’re good to go for 10s. I spend quite a bit of time on theorycrafting sites and I’ve never seen anyone talk down about people who only do 10-mans. (“GTFO, 10-man person, and get a real raiding guild!”) It seems mostly that 10-man raiders are telling -themselves- that they are second class citizens, something that the rest of us have no control over and should certainly not be punished for.

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