What you see is… what you see


It seems that my posts tend to paint me as an “antisocial dick,” so I thought I’d try branching out into the less informational and more personal realm of blogging.  Thus, I have decided to show off a few of my favorite RP outfits for my main character, Uruz.  I haven’t been doing much role-play on her since she broke up with her boyfriend, partly because things have been very emotional with her since she lost both her legs.  The other part of the reason is because of raiding burn-out making me not want to look at her when I don’t have to…

A few nice outfits

A few nice outfits

As you can tell, she favors purple and gold for colors.  I have a tendency to keep her old raiding gear sets as RP gear, as you can tell.  The bottom left outfit was the first outfit I ever used for her and it spawned her in-character desire to always remain armed.  The bottom center outfit has never been used because she is far too up-tight for anything that showy.  The top center and top right outfits are her most common ones, the ones I always take screenshots in.  (As you can tell by the page header.)  You can probably see that of the purple re-colored T2 set that I am missing the boots and the bracers.  The boots simply have refused to drop for me and the bracers I seem to have accidently sold…

I’ve recently been roleplaying more on my priest, Nikkal, than on Uruz.  I don’t really want to show off her outfits because they all consist of a robe.  It is far easier finding bank space for outfits when the entire thing consists of one piece.  If I’m feeling especially fancy, she might even put on 3 pieces!  Compared to Uruz with her multitude of plate sets, it just doesn’t move me nearly as much.


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