Updates on the paladin preview


Okay, so it turns out the FoL/HL thing was just a bad case of wording.  It seems they want paladins to go the way of priests with their three heals which, well, I’m okay with I guess.  I liked paladins being different, but what can you do.

The Beacon changes… they just need to stop talking about it.  It makes me more and more unhappy the more they talk about it.  All of the proposed changes will make it highly unlikely that Beacon will get used in anything other than specific fights.  They very much are moving back to the days of TBC and while I liked the -raids- of TBC better, I didn’t exactly like healing better.  They way they are proposing the paladin changes will make me back into a “single tank healer.”  So boring.



  1. Probably won’t make it through beta, is my guess about the Beacon change. Or else they’ll put a cap on it, like a certain % of the heals you’re doing (possibly based off a individual percent for each heal to discourage spamming one heal to get the most use out of BoL)instead of making it work with only 1 spell, which I feel is down right ignorant.

    Buuut, these are just the very early stages, and I’m not going to get to worked up about this stuff until closer to the release date. Like they said, the paladin is one of the most unfinised classes left, and I feel we’ve got a bunch more ups and downs coming before 4.0 hits.

    • From what I’m getting from the blues, they don’t want us able to keep two tanks up at once while everyone else can only keep up one. The problem is that by nerfing Beacon in the ways they have described so far, they’re also doing away with our ability to raid heal. Ferarro I think really hit it on the head, in that for early raids we’ll not have the mana to use Beacon effectively, so we will be single tank spam healing. (Boooooring.) But then by the end of the expansion, we’ll have so much mana that we won’t really care about the cost and go back to how things are now with the Beacon+spam raid scenario.

      I count myself lucky in that I have two (soon to be three!) other healers that I can choose to make my main come expansion. 😀

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