Paladin Preview – Thoughts


I’m not going to repost the entire preview (you can see it here), but here are my thoughts on what has been released so far:

Blinding Shield is either going to be incredibly overpowered or entirely useless.  I’m speaking in PvP terms, of course.  Being able to blind the entire other party as an -instant cast- is just insane.  Of course, if they have to be facing you, it’ll lose a whole lot of its power for healadins, since it’ll get interrupted or at best people will just spin away.

Healing Hands, I assume, is their answer to wanting healadins to stand in melee by the boss and raid heal.  However, it is a passive ability that will be hit every 15 seconds and then the healadin will just continue with their casting routine.  It potentially has a 2/5 uptime, which will be nice on AoE fights and I’m actually kind of excited to see what the graphics of it will be like.  Waiting until we see the HPM and the limits to this before getting overly happy.  It might end up having a very limited healing amount for a heavy mana cost.

Guardian of Ancient Kings is a an auto-healing pet?  (Those ancient kings, they be lovin’ me!)  That’s… fun, I suppose?  A fun thing to pop while hanging out?  I’m not really sure how this could -not- be overpowered in arenas and I’m not sure how we’re exactly supposed to use this in PvE.  Will it be another cooldown to have while we’re Pleaing?  The duration on it is really freaking long, too.  30 seconds!  That’s a 1/10 uptime, for gods’ sakes.  It again might fall into the “too much mana cost for too little healing” to be something we use often.

Cleanse changes and dispel changes are generally pretty boring.  No real comments on them until I see it in action.

Blessing changes mean that our 5-ish paladins will have even less buffing to do.  Heck, let’s just make it into a single buff called “Blessing” so that I can get rid of PallyPower and be lazy!  As it stands, I plan on never buffing during the expansion due to abusing my power.  Heh.

Crusader Strike being baseline will sure help things out for leveling.  It is -so boring- leveling a paladin…

Are they changing it so Holy Shock doesn’t do damage anymore?  That would rather suck.  Giving it as a spell to all paladins could lead into PvP healing in non-Holy specs again.  It might also put even more of a burden on dps paladins to help spot heal, taking their attention away from their job.  We’ll have to see.

If they nerf the Divine Shield duration, I’m going to be pissed.  If they shorten the duration, they had better take it off the GCD or else I’m going to be killing myself whenever I BoSac the tank.

Sacred Shield going to a 30 minute buff is pretty boring.  They’ll be increasing the mana cost of it substantially, I assume, which means that switching it to tunneled people in arenas isn’t going to be as handy.

I just have to quote this about the New Bigger Heal:  “We want to add to the Holy tree a nice big heal to correspond with Greater Heal. Flash of Light remains the expensive, fast heal and Holy Light is the go-to heal that has average efficiency and throughput.”  …WHAT?!  Holy Light is an -average heal- to them?!  Flash of Light is an -expensive heal- to them?!  I don’t even know what to say to this.  Do they know what spells they are talking about, here?  It boggles my mind, it really does.  Hilariously, though, this coincides with my joking that paladins are going to get a 10-second cast time Complete Heal.  It’s like the cycle of my videogame healing career is complete…  Join me in my prayers to Tunare, brothers and sisters!

Beacon of Light will be changed to work with Flash of Light. We like the ability, but want paladins to use it intelligently and not be constantly healing for twice as much.”  Why, hello there, TBC, how are you today?  Hilarious.  This will work out in one of two ways: 1) healadins will all go back to casting only FoL or else 2) healadins will go back to healing only the tank.  This goes hand in hand with the Mastery Passive Talent Tree Bonuses: Healing, Meditation, Critical Healing Effect.  Yup, looks like it’s back to FoL spam.  Ah, Hyjal, how I’ve missed you…

Overall – The new things they are adding seem gimmicky to me, especially as they are both passive abilities.  They are replacing a spell we have to cast every 30 seconds with one that will be cast every 15 seconds, so that isn’t exactly very interesting.  The new spell they are adding will most likely not be very much used and will probably turn out the way that Greater Heal is for priests at the current moment.  The really big hit is going to be if they go through with Beacon only working for FoL.  That added to the changes they are making to how tanks take damage (a steady stream instead of huge chunks) means that healadins are going to go back to casting nothing but FoL.  Because -that- isn’t boring or anything.



  1. I agree with you on many points, but I see that you are thinking of the spells in LK terms. Overhealing will be much less of an issue in Cata, the tanks will have 100K+ (my guess) and raid most likely 50K+ HP. Together with much more expensive heals and no major upscale of the healing effects from today you will need plenty of help to heal up when you get behind. Today most of the new spells will just end up being overheal but not in the future.

    I truly don’t look forward to loose my ability to raid heal effectively, I duo heal major parts of ICC 10 (and all other 10-man content) with another pally and it works fine today. If these changes hit this will most likely not work any more :-(. But hey, it’s many months left so lets hope for a change of mind from Blizzard :-).

    • Actually, I’m thinking about it in terms of TBC healing, since that was before damage became incredibly spike-y and was more a consistent steady flow of heals. The changes to Beacon are going to mean that we’re not going to be using is much (at least the changes stated for it so far) due to the huge increase of mana cost to it, either through forcing us to use our low HPM/HPS spells or else doubling the cost of each cast. Not using Beacon means that I will be on a single tank for an entire raid. Very, very boring.

      I think you’re confusing my stance on FoL spec as it is -now- with how things will be come expansion. They are two very different beasts.

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