An apology


I’d like to apologize to my readers for the post I made yesterday.  As you can imagine, I was rather angry when I wrote it, to the point where my internal censor was malfunctioning.  My general goal is to keep this blog of a neutral tone and focus on factual information.  Unfortunately, my good sense disappeared into a haze of “this is what blogs are for, right?!”  I deeply apologize if I insulted anyone with my diatribe.

For the record, I have nothing against people who want to play WoW their way.  I’ve seen melee mages and 71 point DKs.  If that makes you happy, you go ahead and do it.  Just don’t try to raid with me, if you please.

After a talk with my SO, it would seem that in my blog I come across as an insufferable know-it-all on an ego trip.  I apologize if that is the way it seems.  The idea of sugar-coating things turns me off, so I have a tendency to come across as very cold.  Besides, how exactly -does- one make “this trinket has a 45 second ICD and a 30% proc rate” sound upbeat?  If you have any suggestions on how I can improve things, I’m very open to it.

Again, I apologize for my angry ranting yesterday.  I promise to move onto more rational posts in the coming week.



  1. Stop being silly. I made a ginormous post about how I’m all depressed and woe is me. Blogging is about writing and providing information. Occasionally the two will collide into angry rants about people who do not understand the information.

    You know how much I adore your blog. The way I see it, if I don’t like what someone is writing about… then I won’t read it. Anyone who has ever had a conversation with you knows what a friendly, chipper and somewhat goofy person you are 🙂

  2. What MM said!

    Besides, a little bit of human touch makes it so much easier to relate to a blog writer.

  3. How elitist! 😛

  4. I respect and admire people who make the effort to become good, or who may simply be naturally better than I am, at anything, including sports, games and hobbies — all worthwhile endeavors, put in their proper perspectives. To feel otherwise would be petty and ignorant in most cases.

    Despite my best efforts, I am generally a competent player but not a great one. I look up to those in my guild who are better healers; I seek and try to follow their advice, even though I may have read and studied more about the game and playing the part than they have.

    It sometimes bothers me that because I’m not as good a player as some, I might somehow be perceived as not giving it my all. (When in fact I do.) It sometimes bothers you that because you’re a better player than most, you might somehow be perceived as elitist. (When in fact you’re not.) We all got something, and those who jump to conclusions about any of us without either the ability or willingness to make an attempt at understanding are… well, being dim and small-minded. 🙂

    Your blog is a record of your WoW journey. I read your blog not just because it’s consistently smart and informative, but also because it’s fun and I enjoy your “voice” and the way your write about things. If once in a while something in your WoW experience is really bothering you, then letting off a little steam about it on your blog is only natural, and probably good for you too!

    Having said all that, Codi, I love raiding with my guild: not only because I consider them friends and I laugh a lot, but also because playing with people some of whom are better than I am provides me with opportunities and perspectives I wouldn’t otherwise have. I hope that you’ll sometimes consider playing with those who can learn and benefit from your level of play.

  5. I quite liked your post yesterday, it didn’t strike me as irrational at all.

  6. I don’t see a problem with that post… Sometimes a bit of rage is just perfect among all the blogger love. And besides, you’re right. You are better than other players. I am better than other players. I am also worse than others. Does that make me a better or worse human being? No.

    This probably needs a longer discussion about the terms “casual” and “elitist”, since I doubt people understand the same things when they use them… but it’s getting close to 6 and I am off home 😀

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