“Elitist” and “hardcore” as insults


I didn’t post this yesterday, because I have a pretty large hate of April Fool’s jokes.  Funny stuff is great, but I’m cynical enough to be absolutely annoyed by people making things up all day.  This entire post is pretty much a rant about things, so I’m sorry if it delves into too much personal stuff for my readers; I just need to get it out of my head.

What is -wrong- with wanting people to do they best they can?  There is this need to vilify people for being better at a game than others that I just don’t understand at all.  (This isn’t connected to the political use of the “elitist” tag, since that would cause me to explode into little bits of fiery rage.)  Does my wanting myself and those around me not to be terrible somehow make me a bad person?  If I see someone not pulling their weight, of course I’m going to call them on it; they are being a detriment to the other people playing with them.  Should I ignore the goalie picking flowers and just try to cover for them from the defender position?  Of course not.  So why should I have to sit on my hands in any other game?

Since when does being a good raider mean that I must have no life!  That whole “I have a REAL LIFE” argument is total bullshit.  I raid for 9 hours a week.  You and your so-called “casual” raiding guild spend, what, 7 hours raiding and don’t even make it a quarter as far.  Yeah, those two hours must take up my entire life, obviously.  I must be a lowly basement-dweller.  I’m a “casual” player of Street Fighter IV, but I go into online matches -expecting- to get my butt handed to me by better players.  I go into arenas expecting the same thing.  I’m GLAD there are elite brackets of those things, which I will never see.

I’m so sick of labels like this.  I’m sick of hearing about how much better it is to be “casual,” since that is the demographic Blizzard is making their content for.  I want my game to be hard and it isn’t.  Oh no, I’m being an elitist saying that!  So fucking what?  There is -no reason- anyone else can’t find this game the way I do if they -wanted- to.  I could study the different combo moves in Street Fighter and how to counter things effectively, making myself an awesome player.  The fact that I -choose not to- doesn’t give me the right to look down my nose at those who do!

Just because you do 2k less DPS than Person A doesn’t mean that Person A is a better person than you, just that Person A is a -better player.-  What exactly is wrong with saying that, when it’s true?  Person Z has 1300 arena rating and Person Y has 2300 arena rating; Person Y is a better PvP player than Person Z.  What is wrong with stating the obvious?  Why is acknowledging that some people are better than others at activities such a reason for the sneering use of the word “elitist?”  Why is wanting the people whom you play with in a cooperative game to be on the same level of skill as you such a giant faux pas?  It is completely irrational.

I am a better player than many people.  I am also a worse player than many people.  That’s the way it is.  Trying to insult me because I feel that people should know how to play the game they spend hours on is idiotic.  Should I hold my tongue as healadins use suboptimal gearing, just so I don’t come across as a “number-crunching elitist?”  Playing a math-based game by how you feel is just silly.  It is like planning my outdoor plans by if my knee is aching or not, completely scoffing at the meteorologists with their “number-crunching elitism.”  How does that make -any- rational sense?!



  1. This is pretty funny, did someone call you elitist? The impression I get from your posts is that you think you’re king shit of a small pond. I don’t see a LK25 kill in your cheeves.

    Also, while you might be generalising for an example, just because someone does 2k more dps than another player dosnt mean he’s better. You have to take things like attacking adds and focusing dps into account. I can do 12k dps as an elemental shaman on Saurfang without attacking adds. Does that make me pro?

  2. I don’t get people. If trying your hardest to perform at your maximum for that raid day so not to let down the 24 other people in the raid is elitist, then I am too!

    People like to make excuses and try to make other people feel bad for their accomplishments that they earned just because they didn’t achieve it themselves!

    Sports fans can criticize athletes all they want but they will never call them losers for trying their very best and excelling! (Yes I know sports =/= raiding but still!)

    Don’t worry, I have nothing against being casual as I am a casual/hardcore but those that criticized you are probably the casual noobs!

  3. I think it’s just that people have a hard time separating the player from the person, even in themselves. So if you are a better player than I am, I have to say something to negate the thought that you are a better person than I am. So I’d make fun of you for putting so much time into WoW and not into real life … even though none of that’s true.

    • I would imagine that if anyone has a problem with you it is less about the content of what you say and more about your apparent lack of inter-personal skills.

      You appear to be another of these people who want the entire endgame balanced around the small minority that are ‘hardcore’ raiders and never mind the rest of us.

      Anyway I am off now to buy my pony.

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