Return of the Zero Add-on Project


Patch 3.3.3 has complete destroyed my UI, a UI that I haven’t updated since I got it back in Ulduar.  It has been the most stable, easy-going UI I’ve ever seen, but now I’m going to have to download a whole new set of add-ons and spend hours configuring them.  What this means for us all is…

It’s time to go back to my Zero Add-on Project!  (I’m feeling far, far too lazy to bother with more than just Gladius, is what I’m saying.)

Last night, I logged on to turn all my battlegrounds tokens into honor and to run one of the new random ones.  I was assaulted by a headache of extreme proportions as I entered an Isle of Conquest.  The base UI is simply horrendous for healing that many people at once.  It makes me very glad that I didn’t heal in Vanilla; staring at all those tiny boxes gave me a headache like you wouldn’t believe.  It wouldn’t take much to make it so you can resize the base UI’s raidframes separately from the rest of the UI and it would be a giant help for those like me who don’t need giant buttons, but also don’t want to go blind squinting at the screen.

Even worse is the position of the self and target health bars for PvP.  Putting all the way in the top right corner is a travesty.  I have to take my eyes off of the action around me to see if I’m dying or if the enemy I’m targeting needs to be Dispelled.  Having it so you can move them in the base UI would eliminate a large reason why many people don’t use it.  I’ll see if I can come up with new ways to deal with the situation.  I -did- make myself my focus at one point and moved the focus bar right in the middle of my screen, which helped.  Unfortunately, I actually use my focus for things, so it made some of my macros rather useless.

Most likely, I will be continuing without any add-ons for at least a few weeks.  We’ll see how it handles hardmode raiding!



  1. Grid still works if you get fed up with no add ons!

    I don’t use many add ons, Grid is my main one.

    Surprisingly, other than DBM update needed, none of my addons got broken by this patch.

    I have no clue how you can heal with default Blizzard ui in 25 man raids. It’s so painful to me, especially with keeping track of sacred shield, beacon and debuffs during raid encounters.

    Good luck, I think you will need it -.-

    • I actually didn’t use anything other than DBM and PallyPower until we were well into Ulduar-25 hardmodes, if you can believe it! LOL I find that I can’t use Grid because my brain doesn’t process the way it looks when people are missing HP from the squares. I know that sound utterly bizarre, but I just really need bars to know.

  2. I’d have to agree — the ability to simply move parts of the UI around to where I want them to be would fix my main complaints with the unit frames. I have a 26″ widescreen monitor, looking back and forth from the bottom to the top to the left to the top left to the center constantly while doing anything is just not going to happen.

    It’s one of the features in Cryptic games that I actually really like. There’s a keybinding you can press to go into a UI customization mode where you can move all of the UI panels around, then press it again and it locks them all in place. No need for UI mods to rearrange your UI! Too bad WoW doesn’t have something like that, but then, they let me use UI mods, so I don’t mind =)

    • I think that is my true main issue with the base UI, it really is. Frankly, no matter what game I’m playing, I hate using mods, unless I’m absolutely sure that it won’t screw up. It’s like some sort of mental block I have. I’ve played Dragon Age through 4 times now and yet I still can’t manage to convince myself to download a mod so that I can choose different looking hair, just in case it makes my game mess up.

  3. I had just downloaded IceHUD and not I updated it and it makes me cry. CRY I SAY! Nothing about it seems to work. I also got rid of auctioneer. But I still have my fair share.

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