Invitation to readers and fellow bloggers


There are been occasions where I have to responded to other people’s blogs here, usually to make additions or factual corrections to other people’s entries.  As such, I’d like to state publicly that I’m open to such things from others.  Conversations where we don’t all agree are what make life interesting.  Note, of course, that I reserve the right to respond right back and that counter-arguments that aren’t backed up with proof will probably not be given the full weight you may think is due.  I have no problems being proven wrong so long as there is actual evidence for me to look at.  Stories and feelings are not empirical, therefore can’t be used as evidence.  My less factual offerings (generally available under the “zen” tab) usually have a factual basis to them, but are a bit more lax when it comes to interpretation.  I still like to discuss such topics, so readers should feel free to lay into me on those subjects as well.

I have at least one major post coming up, but this has been an unfortunate week for me of few raids and less free time than planned.  Both my birthday during the weekend and the death of my favorite great-aunt have left me scrambling and more than a little… well, disdainful of internet-based emotional turmoil.  I should be back in full swing soon, with at least the one substantial post to enjoy.


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