Raiding mindset – other people say it better


I confess, this is a pretty zen post, mostly because the new Dragon Age expansion is out and every spare moment I’m not raiding is dedicated to that.  There, I admitted it.  I’m a terrible blogger.

– re: Social Difference in Raiding (and theorycrafting) –

Bellwether has an excellent post over at her blog that really explains quite clearly the sort of mindset a person needs to be a positive member of an organized raiding group.  I’ve always favored comparing raiding to playing a team sport, as that truly is what you’re doing.  It’s you and 24 other people trying to accomplish something together.  When I used to play soccer for fun, you can sure believe there were times when I didn’t want to go to the games (and I never wanted to go to the practices!), but I did it because not showing up would be self-centered and horrible.  Guess what?  Soccer is just a game, too!  There’s no good reason why something that wouldn’t fly for my soccer team should fly for my raiding team.

How does this relate to theorycrafting, you ask?  Because that is the “practice” that I do for my raiding team.  Two of the biggest things I hear from people about why they don’t like theorycrafting is: a) it takes too much time and b) it is too hard.

I’m going to tell you a secret…  In any given week,  I spend maybe 30 minutes on theorycrafting.  That’s an average, since some weeks I barely do that and during patch weeks I tend to do an hour-ish as I wait for the servers to come back up.  I’d probably spend far less time doing it if I didn’t feel the need to theorycrafting for all of my healers.  Included in that time is watching videos and reading strats for new fights.  So… 30 minutes a week is really too much?  You can’t spare that much time to make yourself a better raider for your own sake and the sake of your team?

The argument that theorycrafting is too hard for some people seems a little much to me, too.  Let me use an example of some theorycrafting someone emailed me about recently, since it’s fresh in my mind.  The question was if Blessing of Wisdom was better for healadins than Blessing of Kings.  I popped open WoWhead and searched for Blessing of Wisdom to see it gives 92 MP5.  I open my little computer calculator, add 20% to that for the improved version and got 110.4 MP5.  At that point, I opened up a post on my own blog to find out how much MP5 I get per point of INT (because I’m lazy) and then round down to .75 MP5 for the sake of argument.  All I do then is divide 92 and 110.4 by .75 to find out how much INT it would take to get that amount of MP5.  (122.7 INT and 147.2 INT, respectively)  Since Kings gives 10%, you just multiply that by 10 and viola!  The INT threshold where Kings is better than Wisdom is 1227 INT for regular and 1472 INT for improved.

I literally used nothing beyond the math I used in middle school for the entire operation.  The most complicated part of it was finding for X in: x * .75 = 92  Searching for the information certainly wasn’t hard; if I hadn’t had that post on my blog, I would have just used the search function on ElitistJerks.com to find out the same thing.  It would have taken me probably 5 extra minutes, but it certainly wouldn’t have added to the difficulty.  Heck, I just googled “mp5 from int paladin” and there was my blog post with all the information you need, right there at link #4.  So even navigating EJ isn’t required.

– Let’s just be honest –

The bottom line is that people don’t theorycraft because they don’t want to.  It doesn’t interest them, so they don’t feel like putting forth the energy.  Part of me shakes my head at that, at how lazy that seems, but then I keep on doing the crafting for them anyway.  I… can’t really make a moral judgment against it, since I’m just adding to the problem!

Not knowing about why and how things work in WoW is like being part of a choir and not knowing how to pronounce the Latin you’re singing.  Sure, one person who doesn’t know won’t have a -huge- effect on the whole, but can you imagine an entire choir of 25 people singing who don’t know?  You might be able to fake it enough to be okay, but imagine how much better it would be with all of you singing in crisp pronunciation.  Raiding is much the same way.  If no one really knows how their class does things, you could do alright in slogging your way through.  But just imagine how much better it would be with 25 people baring skill and knowledge!  Even worse would be you being that one person in the back, faking it and letting the others cover for you because you couldn’t be bothered to look up how to say “ora pro nobis”  or who to give what buff to.



  1. Way to make me feel like a lazy ass! That’s the last time I email you with a question! ;D

    It’s not the math that’s difficult, it’s understanding the problem enough to know which numbers go where.

    I personally have a lot of trouble with how int translates to mp5 because it depends on whether or not you have replenishment, it depending on whether you use Divine Plea properly and so on. All the “what ifs” mumble together and I panic.

    I can however play with numbers when given a WoL parse and even enjoy myself. Actual numbers make more sense to me than “what ifs”.

    Still, it’s not something that’s easy for everyone. Understanding the problem, knowing which numbers to choose and what to do with them is requires a certain natural aptitude. It’s second nature for you, but it’s certainly not second nature for everyone!

    • amg, I totally only used you as an example because it was the easiest one to think of. LOL I love getting asked questions, though, it’s fun!

      I don’t know if I could call it “natural aptitude.” Math has never been easy for me; I never got above a B in it and that was usually due to massive amounts of extra credit. (I majored in English in college, even!) It’s more a matter of calm, focused effort. Perhaps it’s because I don’t panic like you say you do? LOL

      It’s less a matter of “what ifs” and more a matter of averages. You go into your WoLs, see what your average up-time on Replenishment is or your average use of Divine Plea and work with that. (Which is good to do, anyway, since you’ll get to know if you need more up time either!) One of the best ways to work with it is to do it all in chunks. “INT gives X MP5 via Replenishment. INT gives Y MP5 via Divine Plea.” etc. That way, if one aspect changes, you don’t have to rework the whole thing.

      Maybe it’s not that it isn’t easy to do, but that it -can- be easy for anyone if they look at it rationally. And really, I’m okay with people who don’t feel they can do some of the major parts of it, as long as they use the crafting others have done. Oh and don’t tell me I have no life or something. Darn it.

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