Trauma – Who should get it and how to use it


I know, I promised this long ago, but it’s hard to slog through WoLs to find all the recent numbers.  Just be glad that Blizzard fixed the proc on Trauma or else this post would have been very short.  (“Don’t use it.”)  I’m going to go class by class, as it’s just easier to discuss that way.  The proc, by the way, is called Fountain of Light if you’re looking for it on your own parses.

– And now it’s time for a breakdown –

Druids:  You want to pick this mace up, you really do.  Trees are absolutely the best class to use this mace, especially as you only lose -one- throughput stat (haste) in taking it, where the other healers lose two  (crit and haste).  It will proc off of HoT ticks, so being haste soft capped with the proper casting rotation is key to really having this bad boy shine.  On fights without aura damage or where the raid is spread out very far, you’ll still see at least  4% of your total healing from the proc.  On aura fights, you’ll see that number jump to about 10%.  To really maximize Trauma, make sure that you’re using the 4T10 bonus and pick up a Glyph of Rapid Rejuv.  You’ll see the usefulness of the proc jump a full 2% that way.

Shaman:  I’ve been hearing that this mace is considered best-in-slot, despite being behind in HEP.  From what I’ve seen, it can be a very good mace depending on the fight and on the healing assignment.  Generally, any fight with constant raid damage where you can roll CH through groups of people is a good time to use it.  At those times, you’re likely to see the proc sitting at about 6-8% of your healing, which is a decent chunk.  However, if you’re not in those optimal circumstances, you will see a big hit in Trauma’s usefulness.  Lucky for you, most of the hard fights can utilize the proc, if your healing lead does assignments correctly.  Have a chat with her/him to make sure they’re up to speed.  I’d suggest also having a crit/haste weapon in your bags as well, for those times when chain casting CH on clumps of the raid isn’t feasible.  If you’re really looking to maximize your Trauma, make sure you’re using 4T10 and casting Riptide every cooldown (but not “eating” it with a CH).

Holy priests:  There are two varieties of this spec and one is very much better than the other at using Trauma.  Holy priests using Emp. Renew are going to see some decent usage of this proc, especially if they are making sure to use CoH on cooldown on the melee or a similarly bunched up group.  Remember to keep PoM on cooldown, too.  Generally, a Renew using Holy priest will see about 5% of their healing from the proc under the best conditions, falling to about 3% on non-aura fights.  Like shaman, proper assignments are necessary to really get the most out of the proc.  A FoL specced Holy priest will not see -nearly- the numbers here.  You might be able to squeeze some more out of it if you glyph PoH, but in general you’ll only be seeing about 1-2% of your healing from the proc.

Disc priests:  You poor, unloved souls.  This weapon is really bad for you since you use no HoTs and it doesn’t proc off glyphed PW:S.  The parses I’ve seen have shown most of them with less than 1% of total healing from the proc!  You do have the added bonus that the only true throughput stat for you is spellpower, so if you end up getting it for just a spellpower mace, make sure to keep PoM on cooldown at all times.  If you get the chance to use Divine Hymn once in a while, that’ll help you out, too.  (To clarify, the loss of crit/haste/regen for a Disc priest is extremely minor if there’s a decent spellpower upgrade to be had.  PW:S scales horribly with anything but spellpower.)

Healadins:  The lack of throughput stats on this is a major issue for you with the added bonus that you need very careful healing usage to get anything out of the proc.  Fights with aura damage are a must.  You’ll have to be casting Holy Lights (it procs off the glyph) where all of your splash will hit the melee.  This means either all the melee is grouped up on the tank (ie. Festergut), one tank is standing close to the melee (ie. BQL) or you’re just pure spamming the melee itself (ie. Sindragosa).  Keeping the FoL HoT up on the tank is generally not going to help maximize Trauma, as forgoing any HL spam is just going to decrease its effectiveness.  Even under those circumstances, you’re likely to see no more than 5% of your healing from the proc.  Healadins with FoL builds should pretty much avoid the weapon altogether, as they’re likely to only see 1% of their healing from the proc, if that.

– So who gets the thing? –

Hands down, druids should get it first as it is best-in-slot without question.  After that, shaman should pick it up, followed by Holy priests.  After that, I’d most likely give the thing to Disc priests, since spellpower is such a big deal to them and the loss of crit/haste/MP5 on a healadin’s weapon is going to be a bigger loss for them than for just about any other healer.  It should be noted that the only healers who should be using Trauma on all fights are druids and possible Holy priests, if they are given proper healing assignments.  A note that all these numbers are from 25-man raids.  10-man raids will show a marked drop in the usefulness of the proc, due to fewer people to proc on.

I should probably put this in bold, but…  Do not replace Val’anyr with Trauma!  You shouldn’t be replacing the legendary with -anything- at this point, in fact.  The proc on it scales with healing, so even if the stats on the mace seem to be lacking, you’ll still be getting 10% or more of your healing from it.  And that’s effective healing, as the bubbles that aren’t used aren’t counted in the log.  Heck, I have seen fights where my #1 heal was the proc.  (No lie!)  If you are not happy with the amount of Val’anyr procs you are getting, you should examine your healing style first and foremost.

The final thing to keep in mind if you’re using any proccing item:  The real key is to cast as much as possible.  Cheers!



  1. I’m curious about that description for Disc Priests. Are you looking primarily at 25 man log parses?

    As a tank-healing Disc priest, I use both crit and haste quite a bit, so the loss of those throughput stats would be very disheartening. However, I spend a lot less time casting PW: Shield and more time casting Flash Heal.

    Overall though, I would guess (without any numbers or WoL to back that up) that Disc would still be low on the priority list for Trauma, compared to Holy priests and Druids especially. If it drops for us (assuming we ever get Rotface down, sigh) it’s going to the Druid healer.

    • I’m guessing what Codi meant is that for Disc, spell power is the best throughput stat by far. Crit doesn’t affect shields (except in a small way through the glyph), and we are often haste capped with Borrowed Time. Spellpower is generally the best stat for all spellcasters, but even more so for us since many of our casts do not benefit from additional crit or haste.

      • Correct! 😀 Proper gemming/gearing of Disc priests is pretty much “the more spellpower, the better. Screw everything else!”

    • What Wikwocket said, yeah. Neither crit nor haste is really that big a deal to a properly geared Disc priest, as you’ll have more of it than you really need and your primary ability (PW:S) is barely effected by it.

      The thing to keep in mind about Trauma is that it is a -terrible- tank healing weapon, because tanks are almost always off standing by itself.

      …well, the mace drops in 25-man only, so I figured that’d be the way to address the post. XD

  2. It should be given to the healer who casts the most ‘heals’ in a given amount of time.

    If you have a slacking druid healer, and an amazing pallie. Go look into the logs, you might find that the pallie is landing more heals than the druid, and it should go to the pallie first in that case.

    And I have a feeling that they’ll fix trauma for disc and allow it to work with the healing from the glyph..

    • Considering it took a month for them to fix the thing in the first place, I highly doubt they’ll do anything more with it. If they had wanted to change it, they would have when they hotfixed it originally.

      As for the situation you state, the fact is that even if a paladin casts -twice- as much as the druid, they still won’t get as much use out of it. And frankly, no paladin should want the thing, as it is situationally useful at best. In most cases, a healadin will see more usefulness from the 10-man Lockjaw than from Trauma.

  3. Thank you so much for this post Codi! I am not the type of person who will be able to correctly produce the numbers for why this mace is terribad for healadins, but now I’ll just point my raidleaders (we don’t have a healing lead, sad face) to this post instead of trying to explain it myself.

  4. Thanks! I cried a little inside every time a weapon dropped and it had actual stats on it instead of a proc. My tree heart is happy now, even with the ugly mace.

    I was wondering about the T10 4-set bonus too… I haven’t seen any math (and have no inclination to do it myself), so is it worth getting? Since I don’t have tokens, I’ll be getting T10 simple, and the stats on it are actually worse than my current gear. Can the bonus make up for a slight loss of haste and spellpower?

    • That’s an interesting question. If you’re only running 10-mans, you’d have to look at how often you let your Rejuvs drop off the raid. If keeping them up on all 10 people is relatively easy for you, then the extra spellpower on the higher ilevel gear (the badge chest and gloves, crafted legs) probably would be better for you. But if you find you don’t have time to Rejuv more than half the raid at a time, then it could certainly be worth it.

      • I do mostly 25-mans so… guess a-farming I will go for those last emblems 🙂

    • Oh, if you run 25s, then go 4T10. It’s incredibly OP in 25s.

      • Great write-up, thanks! I’ve been wondering about this for some time, particularly in relation to gearing choices. As a Tree, I have 2T10 (251 head,hands) and BiS 264 pieces elsewhere (legs,shoulder drops + badge chest). It takes all that haste gear to get to the haste cap (even though all my other gear has haste on it except Frozen Bonespike).
        So, I was wondering if Trauma really needs the 4T10 to shine, and if so, is it so good that it makes it worth dropping 264 +haste legs and shoulders for the 251 tier pieces?
        (admittedly, I had not saved enough DKP to get first dibs on trophys, and while we have farmed Saurfang since week 1, we’re still working on BQ so trohpys fall slowly.)

  5. id like to point out that while WoL is good at detecting absorbs it is not perfect. the valanyr buff most likely was not really top but due to the way absorbs are counted the disc shields and any sacred shield procs can get lumped in sometimes. Awesome article though, will probably link this on my guild forums so this mace doesn’t go to one of our pallies. (or me 😦 PW:S glyph not working kills it for me)

    BTW what is a FoL spec for priests? never heard of it

    • Oh, I know. It just amused the heck out of me. LOL It’s given me a new game to play during that fight: How Carried Can I Be By My Mace?

  6. I don’t think you’re taking into account other options. Trauma is the only pure healing i264 weapon for paladins until you can beat Arthas. (There is a sword, but it has +hit on it.) The other three classes have staves and daggers available to them.

    For that reason, I would actually put druids first for the pure throughput, then paladins because they don’t have options, then shaman, then priests.

    Of course, a lot of paladins may disdain Trauma because the proc is rather weak. However, since it was fixed it hasn’t been that bad for me.

    • The proc is situational in its usefulness, but outside of those fights where you can pull 5% off it, it is not just useless, but a detriment, especially if you took it from a shaman or a priest.

      There are many better options out there. A 25-man raiding healadin can raid 10 mans to get Lockjaw. Also, any of the 25-ToC-hardmode (ilevel 258) weapons are better. You can get a Battered Hilt and run the quest to get that mace, too. Heck, pick up that +hit sword you talked about; the extra INT and haste will do you more good than Trauma other than on specific fights I mentioned.

      Healadins generally don’t care about ilevel if they lose the secondary stats they really need. Spellpower is mostly wasted on HLs, so picking something up just because of it’s higher ilevel is not needed. If you’re really bothered about using a non-264 weapon, have a friend help you get 1800 arena rating. There is more INT, MP5 and a gem socket in the Wrathful mace than on Trauma.

  7. Hello!

    I’m a Resto druid and found your blog today while looking for some more information on Trauma, which I recently picked up. Previously, I was using the Mag’hari Cheiftain’s Staff with two Purified Dreadstones, and was sitting at about 885 haste without CF. The only OH I have at the moment is the +Hit one from 10 man LDW, the Scourgelord’s Baton. I am using 4 Piece Tier 10 (using Badge Chest), but haven’t had the luck of getting any Sanctified tokens yet.

    I’ve run a couple scenarios, wondering what you think is the best:

    Previous stats before with Staff:
    3237 SP (Tree)
    885 Haste
    1319 Spirit
    842/441 Mp5 (in/out of combat)

    Stats with Trauma+OH without CF (gemming to reach cap)
    859 Haste

    -26 SP
    -26 Haste
    -183 Spirit
    -108 Mp5 out of combat
    -54 Mp5 out of combat

    Stats with Trauma+OH with CF (staying at CF soft cap, dropping Living Seed)
    759 Haste

    +117 SP
    -183 Spirit
    -108 Mp5 out of combat
    -54 Mp5 out of combat

    I definitely want to stick with Trauma (since I hear the proc is so great), but until I can pick up a better OH with haste (off Princes or Sind) this is the best I can do.

    Taking the CF route seems obvious given the increase in SP while staying haste capped (despite the regen loss I have to deal with either way), however I am nervous about the loss of Living Seed. I tend to play a jack of all trades in both our 25 mans and our 10 mans because our healing team isn’t that strong, so I end up using Nourish more than most 5+1 Raid Healing resto druids probably do. Thus, I get a decent chunk of healing from Living Seed. In this scenario, maybe continuing to gem for haste until I can pick up a haste OH or upgrade some of my tier gear to sanctified is best?

    What do you guys think?


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