Holy Paladin 4T10 bonus


While trying to slog through Trauma data, I got sidetracked by this little conversation.  I thought I’d touch on it for all those not wanting to slog through it themselves.  I promise to try not to preach or harp.

– Some assumptions –

I’m working with the ilevel 264 tier for this.  This is partly because I doubt the vast majority of raiders will ever get four of the hardmode tokens and partly because anyone with the ability to get those four tokens probably have their own strong opinions on the matter.  Also, I’m assuming that the four pieces of tier that would be used would be shoulders, helm, chest and legs.  Two of these pieces (shoulders and helm) are considered best-in-slot for their ilevel, so those are a safe assumption.  I chose to keep the gloves as the off-set piece because you lose less haste that way, assuming you have the best-in-slot option.  (Unclean Surgical Gloves)

All of this theorycrafting is assuming a Holy Light build with appropriate stat weighting towards that.  I have absolutely no idea what this set bonus would be like for Flash of Light builds.  All numbers given will be with the assumption that the 676 haste rating soft cap has been obtained.

– What you lose, what you gain –

Let’s first take a look at the difference in basic stats before delving into quantifying the bonus.  Please remember the above assumptions.

With 4T10, you lose: 2 sockets (40 INT [~30MP5 from INT]), 108 haste
With 4T10, you gain: 32 crit, 46 MP5, 18 SP, tier bonus

As you can see, regen wise it is a net gain to go to the tier.  It is in the huge amount of haste loss that the tier is really hurting.  It is up to the set bonus to determine if this incredible loss of throughput is worth it.  (source)

The proc translates to 265 haste rating for the first Holy Light after a Holy Shock.  This means that if you have to use a Holy Shock to keep the tank alive while moving out of a fire:
1.064s HL cast after the HS with 4T10
1.202s HL cast after the HS without

That is a substantial difference.  However, the fight now continues and you are able to stand still to cast again.  The next HLs look like this:
1.252s HL cast with 4T10
1.202s HL cast without

So, during heavy movement fights where you find yourself having to move once every 6 seconds (when Holy Shock comes off cooldown), you only lose .038 seconds of cast time per HS+HLx3 rotation.  This means that during fights where you find yourself needing to use Holy Shock often to keep up the tank, the situational proc could be handy for you.

There are a few strikes against the tier, though, mostly in the fact that no fight will ever truly require the bonus to be used to it’s maximum amount.  Even movement heavy fights like Sindragosa P3 never require the use of a Holy Shock on cooldown and usually require heavy tank healing.  What this means is that the gain of haste once every 20 seconds when you move doesn’t make up for the loss of throughput during the rest of the phase.  Add to this the likelihood of proccing an instant FoL from Infusion of Light (Divine Favor added to the Holy Shock macro is an old, old trick) and the number of times the tier bonus becomes useful drops.

– To use it or not to use it –

It is an interesting bonus, to say the least.  My overall feeling is that the situational nature of it doesn’t make up for the overall throughput loss; when gearing correctly for difficult content, the actual difference in that first cast of Holy Light is small.  Add in the factor of a high rate of IoL procs and it just seems even less useful.  In any fight where you aren’t moving constantly, it is just a large net loss.  If my raiding group ever finds itself far overstocked with the tokens and I find myself with hundreds of spare Emblems of Frost, I would most likely freeroll on the two pieces I would need, just to have it around for Sindy if I feel like I want it during hardmodes.  It is certainly not something I would spend DKP on or take over someone who needs their set pieces.

As a sidenote, casting Holy Shock when it isn’t needed, even with the tier bonus, is a net HPS and HPM loss.  So standing in one place and doing it just to use it?  A really bad idea.



  1. Thanks for the post, Codi! I feel so sad that Holy Shock is basically crappy. I love that silly little spell so much and was glyphed for it through Ulduar and into heroic TOC. I was initially very excited about the 4pc bonus but why the .3 second reduction isn’t FLAT, I don’t know. My HLs generally take 1.3s to cast, given Light’s Grace, JotP and standard raid buffs. The idea of a 1s HL was very tempting.

    Irritating as well is the lack of haste on our tier. They clearly loathe us. 😛 Or is this part of the “interesting gear choices” they keep talking about? I find it less “interesting” and more like I want to yell “bloody hell, people, learn to itemize a TIER SET for the stupid spec who wears it!”

    Then again, it could be worse. It could be Lightforge, with 0 spellpower and things like Strength and Agility on it. Right? hehe.

  2. Thanks for the writeup! I know a couple of non-healing paladins in my guild were shocked when I wasn’t excited about the 4t10 bonus. When I first saw it, I was sore remembering how beautiful Infusion of Light used to be, and how this was a watered down weak version of it. It’s like Blizzard took away my cake and tried to sell me a stale biscuit three tiers later.

    You have provided math for what I knew but couldn’t explain: I’d rather have the haste from non-set gear for every cast than rely on Holy Shock to give it to me once every few seconds.

  3. I was ridiculed by someone for saying that VoA didn’t mean anything to me. He goes “Uh, free tier 10” and I said “My tier bonuses are garbage”. He then proceeded to berate me for disliking my tier pieces. It didn’t really bother me, but this just proves my point. Even the 2 piece bonus is pretty much garbage. 35% SP bonus every 3 minutes? Wow…..great. If it had been a flat .3 second reduction, I would have been happy about it. Quite frankly, I’m disappointed that I wasted the frost emblems to buy a .2 second reduction. Not worth it.

    • Actually, the 2-piece is pretty much amazing. 🙂 Just macro it to your Divine Plea and you’ll see just how incredible it is!

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