Blogger guild and Unicorns


I was going to finish up one of the long posts I’ve been working on, but I spent last night killing dragons, killing Horde and then killing my braincells trying to explain metagems to someone.  There are reasons that I try to be business-like on my blog and a big part of it is clarity.  I am -not- clear when I’m flying off the cuff.  In the end, it turned into a “well, it works for me” standstill.  How can I argue against that when it’s not based on reason or facts?

So, I too am part of Single Abstract Noun.  I’m leveling incredibly slowly through it, so I doubt I will be of any use to the guild at any point, but there are some fun conversations that have sparked in there.  Lots of fun.

But for now, I’m going to go play Robot Unicorn Attack.  It’s a free game and if you haven’t tried it out, -try it!-  It’s hilariously fun and is one of those games where playing it for 15 minutes now and again isn’t a shortcoming.


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