Everyone else is saying it, I might as well get on the boat.


The ICC buff is just too soon!  I have no problems with the concept and I think it’s actually the best of the ideas Blizzard has come up with to help less skilled guilds see content.  It’s just way -too soon- for it!  There were servers without Arthas-25 kills still, for goodness sake.

Does it really make me a raiding snob to think that they should have pushed the freaking nerf back a couple more weeks?

This is the last true raid of the expansion.  It will have to last us months while we wait for the next one.  -Why- is Blizzard trying to rush people through it?  This is especially true of those guilds who aren’t able to down hardmode content!  They’ve been wiping on Sindy for two weeks and that’s too much or something?

An added annoyance is that we’re going to have to take trials to non-ICC raids now.  Being in ICC is just going to inflate their numbers and make people look more skilled than they are…  Well, which I guess is the point of the nerf.

…do you really think any group who min/maxes their play is -not- going to take the buff?  You really think that any progression group is going to do that, just to watch lesser skilled groups get achievements and loot?  Achievements should really be only obtainable without the buff, but that would make people angry, so Blizzard would never do it.  People who yell “click it off!” are the same ones who yelled “that’s what hardmodes are for!” when people complained about ToC being too easy.  It makes me insane.



  1. You know, what frustrates me, is that I’m one of those lesser skilled raids, and even I don’t want the damn buff. This is my first opportunity to really feel like I’ve ACHIEVED some progression level content.

    No, we won’t be taking it – because it’s my call, and I’m stubborn. And we don’t need it. I know we can take this content, even if it takes us a bit of time. I’m okay with that.

    For me, it’s not so much about competing with anyone else – it’s about feeling personally successful. If we have the buff, it no longer feels like we’ve achieved the same thing raiding guilds have. And I know we can!

    If at the very least they just changed it so that the achievements that aren’t related to just completing each wing couldn’t be received without the buff, I would be satisfied. I was very proud of our Saurfang achievement, and we got it without a buff. But it’s not really that special anymore, is it? Because hell, in a year, that could be an achievement we got with a 30% buff, amirite?

    • Err, couldn’t be received WITH the buff… obviously >.>

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