Just a little proof that gearscore means nothing


I found this pretty interesting and funny, so I thought I’d share.  It’s proof that gearscore means nothing, but that proper gearing does.

Gearscore, huh?

Gearscore, huh?

I’m only #7 for my server for gearscore, can you believe it?!  Yet of those people ahead of me in gearscore, only one is ahead of me in progression.  (That would be Grimm, the gentleman sitting at #4 on that list.)  Taking a look, the things that seem to be putting most of them ahead is the use of the Frost emblem libram, use of lots of T10 and the lack of the legendary mace.  That just seems so wrong to me for some reason.  So many of them have Trauma too.  It makes me cry for their druids; it is such a terrible mace for healadins!  Also, five blood elves and two humans?!  It makes me want to change into a dwarf…



  1. Everytime I hear a healadin whine about how badly they want Trauma, or how it’s better than the ledgendary mace because of the proc, a little part of my healadin soul dies.

    I’m not sure if you’ve done this, but have you thought about doing a post about Trauma and the pros/cons of the weapon for us? I think having some firm numbers (something you’re very good at) would help us a lot when telling that Paladin spazzing in guild about how AWESOME Trauma is that it’s no good.

    • Aye-aye, cap’n! 😀

  2. So….much…..blonde…. gah my eyes!!!! MY EYES!!!!

    • I know, right? Can I borrow your dorfiness?!

  3. I’ve passed on Trauma something like five or six times and each time, people are like “Are you SURE you don’t want it?” and I’m all “That’s a piece of crap, get it away from me.”

    I use Misery’s End so I lose 5 int and 5 stam, lose 39 crit and 58 haste. All for what, 120 spellpower and a lousy proc? hah!

    • So very, very true. And they’re always like “But… it’s a 264!” I count myself as super lucky to have a weapon with an orange name; I mostly get left alone. :B

      • Lucky! I have 3 fragments sitting in my bank, so Misery’s End doesn’t quite get the pass that Val’anyr does. Heh. 🙂

        What item do you think you would replace the legendary with?

    • (WordPress doesn’t seem to allow for long chains of replies, phooey!)

      Frankly, there will be no replacing Val’anyr in this expansion and probably no replacing it until level 85 raids begin. The proc is unbelievably powerful and scales with gear, so the slightly lower stats on it are more than made up for. Generally the proc is about 15% of my total healing! I’m actually thinking it might become what Thunderfury was in TBC… Tanks used that thing until it got nerfed, memory serves. Procs that scale are so incredible.

  4. Gearscore really doesn’t mean a whole lot. After all, holy paladin BIS libram is the first one available. When a holy pally I used to run with spent his first frost badges on that Holy Shock libram and bragged about what it did for his gearscore, I died a bit on the inside.

    And yet, when it came up two days later: someone in guild asked about all the gearscore buzz, he was one of the first to retort “gearscore isn’t skillscore”…

    I never cared too much about having fancy weapons. All the other healers in my guild get so excited about them, I get more joy from their using it than I would mine. Hurray for druids with Trauma!

    • Druids with Trauma is a beautiful thing!

  5. Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and I love it. While, I agree with you that the gearscore addon or listed ilvl of an item should not be relied upon for making gear choices, I do believe that gearscore matters. A fresh 80 w/ greens and quest blues has no business in ICC; gearscore is a great addon for pug raider leaders to quickly sift through random strangers and determine who has roughly the gear level required for an instance, before performing an actual gear/gem/talent/enchant check.

    Furthermore, you can use gearscore as a great tipper on poor performance; someone in 232s should not consistently beat the performance of another player wearing 251s. When that happens, either someone isn’t performing at the level of their gear, or they have geared incorrectly. I’m not going to list the myriad reasons why it would be OK for that to happen; there are always exceptions.

    My opinion is that Gearscore, recount, and their ilk are NOT substitutes for common sense. However, when used by someone WITH common sense, they are a great tool to have around.

    • I don’t know, I still think gearscore is useless, even in the situations you mention. All it takes is a quick inspect and you’re golden. I healed ICC-10 back when it first came out on an alt that had almost all ilvl 200s; she’s obviously better equipped for it now, but if someone had looked at her gearscore, she’d have never gotten in.

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