Day 2 of Zero Add-on Project


Okay, this isn’t -quite- the same as the other day, as we don’t have official raids on Thursdays, but I did run about a million VoAs and I did something I never thought I’d do.  I PvPed without add-ons.  Madness!

My initial impression of druid healing with base UI was actually more in line with how I felt about healing with the priest, in that it was actually easier than on the paladin.  I think the main reason for that is there are no life-threatening abilities that must be maintained or you wipe.  Druids are able to just go down the line, Rejuving, and pause to cast a Wild Growth or a Lifebloom on the tanks every few seconds.  Very similar to priests, actually.  Once I got into the rhythm of it, I found that very little had changed from healing with add-ons.  Maybe I’ve internalized those HoT timers by now or something.

Doing arenas and battleground without add-ons sucked a bit more.  I was harder pressed to keep myself alive, especially in the BGs, because my health bar was way up in the corner.  That was quite annoying.  It wasn’t such an issue in arenas, as I was running twos, so I had my partner and I pulled out right in the middle of my screen.  In arenas, it was trying to target the enemy healer to Mana Burn or whatnot that gave me issues.  Not to mention that you get used to your UI being set-up exactly how you want it and changing it for something as reactive as PvP just makes you nuts.

Oddly enough, when I was going some random 5-mans last night, I found that healing those with the base UI was -more- annoying than healing raids.  The group interface is really terrible, especially when you play with small buttons.  All the health bars are smooshed up in the top left corner where it’s completely out of the way.  I usually have the tank focused and pull the focus frame to the middle of my screen, but I keep having to glance up to look at the group’s health.  Annoying as all get out.  At least with the base raid frames, you can move them and put them directly in the middle.

Tonight is more raiding for me, this time probably on the druid for ICC-10.  (She’s my strict 10-man character.)  We’ll get a good view of how hard it is for raid healers to heal without any bells and whistles.  So far?  I’m finding this whole experiment to be a true test of skill, but I think it would be utterly doable for any healer out there, given the time and effort.


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