Day 1 of Zero Add-on Project


So the first day of raiding sans any add-ons has passed and I’m left feeling rather headache-y from it all.  I like having my hotkeys as small as possible, since I don’t need to actually -look- at them, but the side effect of doing that in the base UI is the raid frames are made tiny, too.

Screenshot or it didn't happen.

Screenshot or it didn't happen.

We did ICC-25 up to Festergut and the weekly raid boss (Ignis), so I didn’t get the chance to see what it was like on the difficult encounters yet, but so far, not having PallyPower is the most annoying thing in the entire world.  Having to click on each class in my raid frames to buff them every 30 minutes is just terrible and annoying, especially as we only had one warlock and one mage.  Terrible, terrible.

My raid leader was more concerned with my not having DBM, but that actually didn’t turn out to be all that big a deal.  Or at least it wouldn’t have been, if the raid frames were a touch -bigger.-  You can see the tiny debuff icons in that screenshot there, how small they are.  By the end of the night, I was doing better in dealing with them, but at first it was really hard to watch for the right icons.  I had to give the other healers the cleansing/reactive healing assignments at first because of that.  Without DBM popping up a warning on which people have Mark or whatnot, it was hard for me to react with my usual speed.  The only fight that gave me issues on this is Saurfang, though, and I’m pretty sure that by next week, I’ll be back up to my usual speed.  (My not missing DBM is probably helped by the fact that I didn’t update that add-on until very late in ICC.  I was raiding without it for about a month.  Shh!  Don’t tell my raid leader!)

Another add-on I was bemoaning the loss of was PowerAuras.  I never realized just how much I had come to rely on that little puppy.  I found myself way over-refreshing Beacon of Light in utter paranoia of it dropping at a bad time.  The lack of my usual buff bar add-on didn’t help, either, as the buff icons for your target in the base UI are incredibly small and incredibly badly placed.  But some wasted mana on over casting the silly thing was worth not having to worry about getting a tank killed.

Not having Recount made me a bit nuts, too, if only because I had to keep asking people to link me the DPS meters.  Not to mention that I never had any clue if I were slacking or if my assignments were crappy, since I couldn’t see the healing meters.  Not something that made healing any harder, just made me bite my nails.  Speaking of nail-biting, not having Chatter had me living in -terror- of making badly timed MTs.  I have so many different chat channels and some of them are a little… adult and hilarious.  MTing from one into raid chat because I just hit “enter” and started typing would have been so embarrassing.  (Getting a screenshot where I wasn’t talking in one of my secret channels was a little difficult.  Thank goodness for NPC chatter!)

After 25-mans, we did a quick 10-man for the weekly raid and I raid healed on my Disc priest.  It was surprisingly easy to raid heal without add-ons, at least on her.  (I assume I’ll be healing on my druid before the week is through.)  All I had to do was to watch for Weakened Soul to drop off the raid frames and then see if there was any spike damage to deal with.  Very, very easy.

Overall, the night gave me a headache.  It… doesn’t seem to have effected my performance much, though.  (I’m starting to understand why we can five heal Festergut so easily.)  Most likely this is helped by the fact that I have always been a fan of hotkeys.  My healing will probably be up to full strength again by Saturday night.  I can only hope that I can deal with the eye strain by then, too.



  1. I actually want to try this but I’m … scared.

    I don’t depend on too many addons all that much, despite the fact that I have so many loaded, simply because I suffer from severe tunnel vision… so there could be a big pulsating red light on my screen, but I dont notice it because I’m either looking at my Dwarven feet or the tank’s health bar.

    If I can figure out how to write up a few macros… I might try this, simply because it is a very HEALTHY experiment. The major addon I just can’t do without is Clique. I’ve been click healing for a couple of years now, and that is really hard to unlearn. However, that ability is something I can macro to keys, so I might try that.

    • My dislike of Clique is well documented, I’ll admit it, but switching to macros can be a very good learning tool. For a long time I only ever used macros for things like fight explanations and whatnot. I think the first real macro I ever made was for Kael’thas and targeting the stupid mace in the pile of weapons. LOL Now I use them a lot, although I don’t macro most of my healing spells for PvE. I find that mouseover casting distracts me from the tanks.

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