Zero Add-on Project


My computer is well known for being highly temperamental (at least once a month it absolutely refuses to work for a day or two [insert sexist joke here]), but it’s finally gotten to the point where I can’t even start it up.  Frustrating as all get out, let me tell you, as yesterday we were scheduled for Anub-25-hardmode.  As such, I’m going to be raiding for the next few weeks on my SO’s computer, a computer which has exactly zero add-ons and which is allowed zero add-ons.  Not even Recount!

I plan on writing about my experiences going back to the base UI and what it feels like to have exactly no outside help to heal fights.  I invite anyone else out there to join me in a week (possibly two!) of raiding and learning and probably frustration.  It’s experiences like this that I feel helps me learn about myself and grow as a WoW healer.  If some other bloggers or readers want to have their own growing experience and join me in a week with no fancy tools, I think it would be fantastic.  Right now I’m predicting that the add-on I’m going to miss most is PallyPower…



  1. Well, I play pretty close to the base UI, but I think you’re going to need a mod that shows important Debuffs on people, at least if you are going to heal. That’s the one thing that the base UI does very badly.

    Even PallyPower can be avoided, though it’s painful. When I went without PallyPower, I would just go through the classes in order of armor type to hand out buffs (ie, find a Warlock, Priest, Mage, Rogue, Druid, etc.)

    • I don’t even get DBM… No add-ons allowed at all! The base UI actually does pretty good on the debuffs from what I remember, as long as you know what you’re looking for. It’ll take awhile to get used to it again, though.

  2. Very curious. Let me know how it goes. As a resto Shaman, I feel like my most required mod is actually Power Auras now. I’ve gotten too reliant on it to monitor my Water Shield uptime.

    I speculated about “healing naked” a while back when I had to switch computers, but I never really tried it past a 5-man.

    Please let us know how it goes!

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