Recruiting a priest, yes I am!


Thought I’d use my blog to announce that my raiding group is in need of a Holy priest.  If you’re on the Moon Guard-US server (yes, an RP server!) and are interested in cutting edge progression raiding, send a tell/mail to Uruz (that is my main).  Insurmountable Odds is a raiding coalition, so you wouldn’t even have to leave your guild if you didn’t want to.  I’m mostly looking for a Holy priest, with added bonus points if you have a Disc off spec.   Oh and our raiding schedule is Wednesday 8-10 ST, Saturday 8-12 ST, Sunday 7-10 ST.  (ST = Server Time = Central Standard Time)  We also do 10-mans generally on Friday nights and Saturday nights post-raid, but these are not required at all.  We’re a really nice, relaxed group and I totally don’t bash people over the head with the theorycrafting stick.  I save that for my blog!


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