Keeping it all in perspective


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a raiding snob with a low tolerance for the emotional.  When people tell me that they “feel” a certain way about raiding, I sometimes have a hard time biting back my preachy nature.  “Proof!” my brain screams inwardly, “I want proof!”  The internal strife becomes even worse when someone simply isn’t pulling their weight to my standards.  Admitting this to you probably makes me seem like an egotistical bastard, but I’m here to tell you that I’m not.

I can be a really crappy healer at times.  There, I said it.  I’m not the greatest healer of all time, nor do I believe myself to be.  Heck, I usually view my Number Two as a far better healadin than I.

Why the sudden need for self-flagellation?  Because I royally sucked it up yesterday in ICC-10 on my priest and it made me realize that I can come across on this blog as terribly self-centered.  This isn’t to say that I don’t still stand by my opinions, just that I felt the need to let the hundreds of people (where did you all come from?!) who read my blog every day know that I’m not unaware of myself.  Since I’m baring my soul here, let’s get to the meat of this post…

– You’ll all hate me, but it’s true. –

I suck at PvP.  Wait, this deserves to be in caps….  I SUCK AT PVP.  Seriously, take a look at my arena scores, I’m bloody rotten.  For the last two seasons I’ve been carried by a variety of my friends, mostly because while I’m an eyesore when it comes to skill, I’m incredibly amusing while being so.  At least that’s what I hear.  I have no idea why else they’d put up with me, if not for the “arggg!” and “amgamgamg” over Vent.  And I’m going to admit that I suck at PvP because it is so heavy on the skill side of the “skill and knowledge” slider.  I hate trying to heal people as I have to hide behind pillars, keep myself from being CCed and running too far out of range of my teammates.  It’s all so unplanned and chaotic, yet requires instant reaction times and flexible problem solving.  Which I completely suck at.

That’s why I do it.  That’s why everyone should do it.

Arenas are a love/hate thing.  You either love them or you hate them and vow to never, ever step into one ever.  Ever.  But you know what?  You can learn a lot from doing arenas about healing, about raiding and, heck, even about yourself.  In arenas, you absolutely cannot be caught standing around looking at health bars.  Having tunnel vision will get you killed very quickly.  Attention needs to be widened to the full field, to what is going on around you and to what your teammates are doing.  All of your cooldowns are important and you have to learn to use them in an intelligent manner.  Your brain has to make order of the chaos so that you can get things done.  Which my brain rebels against, I should add.  Chaos and I, we aren’t pals.

Before I get people shaking their fists at me, telling me that it’s idiotic to say that everyone should do arenas, let me point to the above list and ask, “What in that list isn’t applicable to PvE?”  All of it is, of course.  On fights like Rotface or Professor Putricide, the lessons arenas bestow on us are incredibly useful.  (Hey, look, it’s Hand of Freedom!  Keen!)  We all should do arenas, not because they’re required to be a raider, but because they make us -better- raiders.  My Number Two trumps my skills because he’s a great PvPer.  That’s the simple fact of it.  I want to be a better raider.  So I do arenas, much as I sometimes hate them.  Er, often hate them.  Okay, okay, I pretty much always hate them.  But like in real life, doing the things I hate can be the right call.

No, I don’t require that everyone on my healing team do arenas.  I’m not a complete and utter slave-driver, believe it or not!  Lucky for me, I don’t have to, as almost all of them have recognized just how much of a character-building experience they are.  In fact, only our newest Tree doesn’t do them, if my memory serves.  Heck, guess I’d better get to recommending some PvP to him.  If it were in my power, I’d recommend PvP lessons to our DPS, too.  Being able to shoot things while running around is important and I’ve seen enough orb-dodging fail on Twins-25-hardmode to know that… well, paying attention to their surroundings isn’t something they’re terribly skilled at.  Not that I’m any better, really, I’m just better at hiding it since I can just immediately heal myself afterwards.

But I’ll improve.  I’ll do my weekly arenas until those lessons are pounded into me and I can dodge flying things with the best of them.  Because it’s important to me to be the best healer I can possibly be.  The lessons I try to learn from arenas, slow process that it is, are meaningful because it’s part of me trying to not let my teammates down.  Anyone who doesn’t feel the same way about my team as I do, I don’t want healing with me anyway.  “Good enough” is never good enough for my friends.

In my case, I get another lesson tacked onto all the other things I learn from beating my head against PvP: a lesson in humility.  I think that’s a lesson a lot of other bloggers could use, too.  Just sayin’.



  1. Hey,

    I read your Blog since I found the Link on lifeingroup5.com 🙂
    I like the way you describe what healing means to you und your raid, I think^^ I personally play a Resto-Shaman for more than 3 Years on an european/german unknown Server. I played during tbc nearly all of my time beside raiding arena and pvp, and as you said, it gave me a hell of a lot for my skills in pve raiding. Although, as you said, you don´t have to do arena/pvp to be a good raider, but nearly all pve´ler is know who played arena/pvp before are much better in there skills, overview, how to react, especially for a healer, although every class can take sth. out of pvp/arena. I made Gladiator in Season 2 in the 5on5 bracket (since WotLK I don´t play arena anymore 😀 ) and all these things, react on unknown things, what happens in the next moment (anticipation), interact with your teammates and all those things… I learned it there and never forget the lessons some enemys gave our team when they “owned” us 😀
    So I would it also break it down, as you said:
    Arena/PvP will bring you a lot for yourself !!! thats the main point, you don´t have to do it to be a good raider, but as WoW has always sth. to do with learning/develope I would also recommend it to every pve-raider !
    Side-Note: Although I´m not a “hardcore” Content-Raider (I just raid 10er ICC) I enjoy reading opinions, especially from US-Players (EJ, MMO, Tankspot, and all those Stuff)

    All in all
    great blog, I enjoy reading it 😉

    kind regards,
    steve from the snowy city of berlin^^

  2. Sigh. Codi, I looked at the WoL report from our last Saurfang attempt and… I only had 30% uptime on Weakened Soul on the tank.

    I’m so… so ashamed. I, too, have been humbled. I thought I was awesome – but Saurfang has taught me that I’m definitely not – I just haven’t been trying really challenging content!

    Also, I like to chill out in the Coldflame. *headdesk*

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