ICC-25 Plague Works – More impressions


This weekend, we finally stepped into the 25-man version of this wing.  I fully expected to for us to get our butts handed to us repeatedly by each of the bosses.  I was… well, disappointed.

– Rotface was pretty much exactly like on 10-man, which means that so long as people don’t stand around like fools, you should be able to beat it easily.  It is very similar to Saurfang in that all you need to do is know when to -move- and you’re golden.  Using Heroism at 30% or so made burning him that last bit so much easier.  We downed him on try #4, although we should have gotten it in three, but what can you do.  Next week, it’ll probably take two tries, just because people have short memories.  But overall?  Extremely easy.  Oh and we had a slight issue with our Cleanser having an itchy trigger finger, which amused me.  Really, don’t cleanse the debuff right in melee, give the person a second or two.  I like a “Flash of Light then Cleanse then Holy Shock” rotation on the person as they run away.  But yes.  Easy.

– Festergut was supposed to be this incredibly hard fight, but… it really wasn’t.  We even used 6 healers, while most people seem to use 7.  We did one attempt with 5 healers, but that failed because the healer we had DPS was our Inspiration giver and the damage reduction buff is a -must.-  Next week I’ll rearrange and try with 5 again.  We had some people with way too low of DPS (don’t all 25-man groups?), but our top people worked hard to make up for them.  The one thing I did like about it is that I had to use all my tricks and ended the fight with about one Holy Light left of mana.  Mmm, heavy healing is yum.  It helped, I think, that we’re so heavy on melee DPS.  We actually had to have both our Trees out with the ranged DPS to keep up at 8 people in range.  We downed this guy on try #4, too.  One of the wipes was due to lack of Inspiration on the tank and her getting two shot (Blizzard lies!) and another was due to the tank getting a spore at the same time I did.  Boy, did -that- suck.  You do not want one of your tank healers having to -run- during a fight like that.  Geez.  But yes, surprisingly easy.

– Prof. Put we didn’t get to see much of, as we only had time to use five of our attempts. Sigh.  (Why can’t we stay longer?!  Booo…..)  But he was pretty difficult.  We’re trying a new strategy next week, which will hopefully help a bit.  Unlike Festergut, being melee heavy on this fight is bad, bad, bad.  Well, it -should- be.  Somehow our Unholy DK was still out DPSing all the ranged…  One thing I liked is that for the green ooze, we had all the healers stand on top of the targeted person to help absorb the damage.  When it was split between the healers and the melee (since they were chasing the slime), we could eat two explosions in a row before massive death.  Trees are super awesome on this fight, too, I should note!  All that running and damage to multiple people!  I’m tempted to see how a Disc priest would fare, as being able to bubble spam while running around might be very awesome.  Our first wipe was caused by the Itchy Trigger Finger cleansing the buff from our abomination person, too, which again amused me.  He’s too used to PvP!  I will say, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him screw up like that before, so it induced giggles and “hearts” in me more than anything.  The rest of the wipes were due to, you know, the fight sucking.  Those bouncing slimes are my -bane.-  I have no depth perception, so I end up running around, unsure if they’re coming to me.  And then I get hit anyway…

– Trash is even more hilariously easy, but fun!  The two “mini-bosses” were an utter joke, but hey.  Rep!  I actually got the chance to tank a couple of our copies, which made me laugh so hard.  I love getting to shockadin!

Overall, we’re in a four-way tie for getting the two guys down on my server, although it looks like another Horde guild might be getting their second kill tonight, which would make it a five-way tie.  We’re also one of only two groups who got both guys down on a single night and in so few tries.  So yay, easy content?  The Prof. will be biting it soon, I’m hoping, either next week or the one after.  I’m still disappointed on how easy the bosses have been so far.  It reminds me of post-3.0 TBC raiding in Black Temple.  Siiiiiiiiiigh.


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  1. “It reminds me of post-3.0 TBC raiding in Black Temple. Siiiiiiiiiigh.”

    Do you really feel it is as bad as that? Clearly you are in a very good raiding guild, but my guild is much more average, and these fights are not easy on us.
    I did raid BT ante and post the big nerf, and I would in no way compare the two to what we are seeing in ICC. I’m not saying ICC is difficult content in the same manner of Kaelthas or the Council, but at the same time I wouldn’t say it was a simple walk-through like post-3.0

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