Initial Impressions – ICC-10 Plague Works


Last night, we took two groups of main through ICC-10 for badges, rep, and to prepare for tonight’s 25-man.  (The last of the three is most important to me!)  We’ll be taking our “real” 10-man group through tonight or tomorrow it sounds like, which should be a much harder run, but I’m looking forward to it.

–  Exploding trash?  LOVE IT.

–  Getting to chase the flying trash as a healadin to range Judge it down?  LOVE IT.

–  Getting to kill versions of my friends (and myself) for the trash?  LOVE IT.

–  Rotface was actually a challenge to us, especially once that 30% soft enrage hits and things just get crazier than crazy.  The melee range on the big slimes is insane, though.  Our kiter would get hit by the things while he was way away.  We also had issues with people standing in the spray, but once we got used to the mechanics, it got better.  I can see this one still being a bit of a challenge in a few weeks, which is glorious.  Anything that gives a lasting challenge is always a plus.

–  Festergut is a “gear check” of sorts, although I tend to label it more as a “DPS and HPS check.”  (A friend of mine does 6k DPS easy in ilevel 213-226s on his Ret paladin, so I always hesitate to call -anything- a true “gear check.”)  It was… well, really easy for -me- at least.  I got to stand in melee and just bomb the heck out of everyone.  At the end, the tanks were taking incredibly massive spikes, so I’m looking forward to it tonight on 25-man.  (Didn’t Blizzard say they were trying to get away from that now?)  I was working my Holy Light spam like it was going out of style, but overall this was a really easy fight.  We only wiped once to it and that was due to failure of spreading out the spores correctly.  Really boring.  This is going to be my new “Patchwerk nap” on 10-man.

– Professor Putricide we didn’t have much time for, so we only gave him a couple of tries.  Being melee DPS heavy on this one really screws you up, as they’ll spend so much time running after the slimes.  We also had people who liked to stand in the middle of the room so they didn’t have to run around, which I can’t blame them for.  Man, do I hate having to heal on the run…  I suffered from Flask Dodging Fail, which I have to work on.  Overall, it seems to be an execution fight.  Having limited tries for an execution fight is a very interesting concept!  It might actually take us a couple of weeks to -down- the guy, which I adore!  His voice is funny, but I don’t get the chance to listen to him as much as during Rotface, too much running.  The person tethered to the orange slime takes quite a bit of damage, so running with a strong “pitch hitter” on your healing team is a must.

–  I really recommend bringing three healers until you’re familiar with these fights, even if you out gear the content.  And work on those reflexes!

–  Am I happy with the new wing?  More-so than I was with the first ICC bosses.  Having two execution fights of that type, especially one with limited tries, really helps give some challenge.  Also, Frogger 2.0 is cool looking (I found it easier than Frogger 1.0 since it’s easier to time) and the main big room thing looks awesome.  The side rooms with Rotface and Festergut are very “blah,” but the Professor’s room is pretty awesome.  The strange “bug encounter” thing before his room confused the heck out of us, though!  I still have no idea what that’s about.  The traps are also very easy to deal with, far less challenging than the ones with the Warders.  But yes, I’m pretty happy for now.



  1. Just a heads up on Rotface. While it seems like he soft enrages at 30%, he really doesn’t. He starts out casting his Disease every 14 seconds. He ramps this cast rate up fairly consistently until he is casting 1 per 6 seconds around the 3:30 mark.

    For this reason, this fight is much much easier if you Bloodlust/Heroism at the beginning and 2 heal it.

    • I’m actually going to disagree with you here. For 10-man we did use Heroism at the beginning, but having done it last night in 25-man without the Heroism at the beginning, it was clear that using it later in the fight (even if it is based on time) was far more useful.

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