Revised Best in Slot list for healadins


I have a confession to make:  I really hate MP5.  For so long, I’ve tried to convince myself that it was a justified dislike, as INT just laps it in the mana regen area.  I tried, oh I tried, but in the end you just have to realize when it’s become irrational and not useful to a logical mind.  So this is my mea cupla to my readers…  The previous list is still not a bad one, but I’ve gone through and replaced some bits with mail, three pieces exactly.  I hate wearing mail, I really do, but seeing as my list already including a cloth robe, going for a couple of mail bits doesn’t really seem all that bad.  It should be pointed out that the items are based on WoWhead, which lists several pieces with different sockets than MMO-Champ does.

– Non-hardmode BiS –

Profile here!

Back – Drape of the Violet Tower
Chest – Meteor Chaser’s Raiment
Feet – Earthsoul Boots
Finger – Rep ring and Marrowgar’s Frigid Eye
Hands – Unclean Surgical Gloves
Head – Sanctified Lightsworn Headpiece
Legs – Puresteel Legplates
Neck – Blood Queen’s Crimson Choker
Relic – Libram of Renewal
Shield – Bulwark of Smouldering Steel
Shoulders – Sanctified Lightsworn Spaulders
Trinkets – Solace of the Defeated and Meteorite Crystal
Waist – Belt of the Blood Nova
Wrists – Crypt Keeper’s Bracers

Talented 51/17/3, the totals from this set of gear:
INT – 2156
Spellpower – 3008
Haste – 960 / 29.28%
Crit – 699 / 31.50%
MP5 – 174



  1. Great list, thanks for doing this!

    One problem I have is that the BiS peices you’ve listed that are not plate are going to cause some problems in raiding guilds. Perhaps not yours, I’m not aware of your loot rules or anything, but I know clothies and shaman tend to get very upset when I roll on “their” loot.

    I definitly sympathize with your feeling about MP5. I tend to shy away from that type of gear in favor of crit, Haste, spell power gear. And why does our teir 10 have MP5 instead of haste?! There are only two (correct me if I’m wrong) peices that have haste rating on them, and the teir 10 chest has less haste than my crafted 245 chest peice!

    Lol, sorry for the rant. Good post!

    • Of the non-plate pieces on my list, only two are drops (the belt and the gloves), so that shouldn’t be -as- terrible. The chances of anyone completely getting BiS before hardmodes come out is next to nil anyway, so if those are the two slots that don’t get filled until all my Resto shaman get the pieces, I’m alright with that. As for our tier, such is the way of Blizzard! At least the set bonus isn’t as good as, say, Tree druids. Their issues with tier are far worse!

  2. All druids are having issues with the last two sets of teir gear. Trust me, I’ve got one whining in my ear about it all the time =P. Apparently the feral DPS idol is so useless that some kitties are considering using the Boomkin idol and working in moonfire into their rotation so it procs. I haven’t heard if this works or not, however.

  3. While I generally agree with the list, two things:

    * That shield is worse than heroic Bastion of Resolve (dunno how to link stuff in a comment so: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47448)
    * Matter of opinion, I guess, but I think heroic Leggings of Concealed Hatred is better than the crafted ones.

    • Both the items you mentioned are from hardmodes and this is a non-hardmode list. 🙂

  4. So are both the trinkets. 🙂

    • Good catch, I totally linked the wrong Solace! >_< I'm okay with leaving the Shard, since that's from Ulduar harmodes and if you can't do those with ICC gear, then there's supreme issues.

      • Yeah. Too bad it never drops. 😛

  5. 174 mp5? Ouch. I drew up a list of ‘wants’, and in no way would I say my list is better than yours, but I ended up with approx 750haste, 400mp5, and 350crit.
    Some of our items did co-incide.

    I thought about the Meteor Chaser’s Raiment for some time. I really did consider it, and although it is probably the best thing you can buy with 95 badges, I simply refuse to wear it. It’s a dress.

    • Wow, I can never imagine having that much MP5 unbuffed. You lose so much throughput going that heavy into it. 174 is actually more MP5 than I currently have and seeing as I have no mana issues at all in my current gear in all current content, I’m not liable to go harder into it. Also, it depends on how much INT you have, as INT > MP5 in every way.

    • T8 must’ve sucked for you. 🙂

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