Holidays make me crazy


I don’t have many serious things to talk about right now, as my raiding group is on “holiday break.” That doesn’t mean the same thing for us as it does for most of the other raiding groups I know of, as it seems the vast majority of our raiders don’t actually do holidays! So when I say we’re on “holiday break,” I mean that the coalition officers are taking a break from raid leading, which opens up our raids to be lead by other people.

People like me. And hilarity happens! Readers of my blog think I’m all “srz bznz” which is so not true, but you can never know this until you log onto Vent with me. Ask my raiding people! Ask my healing crew! I’m actually just an incredibly silly person who happens to have an unnatural attachment to numbers. It’s a thing I have. Some of my healing crew tell me I’m a bit -too- into numbers, but math is sexy and I love it…

Bossy Pally has an interesting post about being a female player in WoW, which is an interesting read, seeing as I -am- a female WoW player.  (Shock!  Gasp!)  Most of the post had me nodding in agreement, despite the fact that I hate talking about shoes or clothing.  I am incredibly exuberant, however, with many “<3″s and pet names flooding my text in-game.  Well, in between the all caps shouting and my “/brofist” usage.  However, I’m also spoiled.  I’ve been hanging out on WoW with the same basic group of people for years; when I’m flirty with them, they know it’s just me being me.  (Truthfully, I’m more likely to flirt with our many female raiders than the boys!)  And frankly, I don’t care what people I don’t know think of me.  If someone outside my circle of friends considers me a “raiding princess gamer girl” because I’m chatty, it’s their loss.

Not that being almost immediately asked if I’m a chick the other day when I was helping out a friend’s guild wasn’t hilarious in a sort of head-desking way.  I may be a chick (and I’m not going to hide it!), but I’m also knowledgable and a good leader.  And a bro.  /brofist



  1. You know, I never imagined you being playful and exuberant in game! You’re always so serious in your writing!

    I often worry about my “girlishness” getting in the way of my credibility (not just in game but everywhere), but it doesn’t seem to happen. If anything, it seems that in the long run, the people around me actually appreciate and respect that I just act like myself all the time. Funny how these things work.

  2. I just found your site and I love the emote /brofist, which I had never seen before. Awesome, haha.

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