ICC – Thoughts on 10s and 25s


Due to my illness, celebrations have pretty much been called off, other than some private, in-home stuff.  What does this mean?  It means I ran both of the ICC raids last night!  So here are my disorganized thoughts for it.

–  The difficulty was pretty low.  25s tended to be more an issue of not having read up on the fights (I was sick, what can I say?), so figuring out the best way to split the group for the adds on Lady or handle healing the Marks on Saurfang added a little challenge.  I have the distinct feeling that next week, I will be bored out of my mind during 25s again.  10-mans were slightly harder, due to gear levels and the fact that we ran it with almost all alts.  Our DPS was very, very low and we had very weak ranged DPS.  We didn’t even bother to kite the beasts on Saurfang on 10-man; we just burned them down and got that “get less than three Marks” achievement.  Overall?  Pretty darned easy all around.

–  I felt like I was back in Naxx, I’ll admit it.  Between the mobs and the scenery, I really wasn’t excited at all by the look of the place.  There was none of the “ooo” I got when I stepped into Ulduar.

–  I love teleporters.

–  Why isn’t there a reagent vendor by the repair guys until you beat Saurfang?  That was slightly annoying, as I forgot to stock up before 10-man.  At least I’ll have the reagent vendor there for post-Saurfang stuff.  Whenever that comes out.

–  Post-Saurfang scene?  LOVE IT.

–  Having to die because the gunship bugs every time?  LOVE IT.

–  The fight mechanics were almost totally borrowed from other bosses.  Marrowgarr was Leotheras plus Supremus plus Naj’entus, Deathwhisper was Kel’thuzad plus Shade of Aran, Saurfang was Kazzak plus Illidan…  The gunship was an interesting (if buggy!) idea, at least.  I think this might have been the biggest disappointment for me of the whole place.  I had read very little on ICC before going in, but the one thing I did read was about the “healing fight,” which I find out was not included in this bit of ICC.  But the idea behind that fight was so interesting, so -unusual- that it got me thinking that fight design would be in tip-top shape.  Seeing the amount of re-used ideas was a big let down.

–  The whole thing was so short!  I mean, that’s it?  For a month?!  I’m going to be falling asleep at my keyboard by the time anything else in ICC is released.

Overall, I really don’t get what all the excitement is about.  I found the experience enjoyable enough, more enjoyable than ToC when that came out, but I was rather underwhelmed.  Seeing as you can’t start working on hardmodes until after you down the Lich King, I’m going to be incredibly bored with this place incredibly quickly.


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