I love how between well thought out posts I tend to post little things with nothing really interesting in them.  Really.  I love it.

Due to a severe illness this week which runs into the holiday weekend for me, I haven’t stepped foot into any new content or done… well, anything since the patch.  I’m a horrible person, I know.  Nothing terribly -interesting- came with this patch, in my mind, so I plan on just slogging on and tackling more number-related things.

A further warning in that I’m not going to be posting about 10-man raids or related things hardly at all anymore?  Why?  I’ve come to -despite- 10-man raiding.  It’s boring, easy and just a big disappointment to me overall with this expansion.  So now you know.

Things should get back to normal once my holidays are over next week and everything has settled down.  Happy Holidays to you all!


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