Exploit vs. Tactic – Thoughts?


After spending last night dying repeatedly on Twins-25-hardmode, I really got to thinking about how thin the line is between the two sides.  I find that I’m really conflicted on this whole idea.  Let me give two examples just from WotLK:

Sarth-10-3D:  When I first heard about the “zerg method” people were using to down this fight, I frowned.  It was the hardest fight of the day (really, Sarth with 3 drakes was the -only- challenge at the time) and it just felt so cheap that people were able to just burn him down like that.  Looking back now, I think I most likely overreacted to it because… well, at that time it would be nearly impossible for a healadin to heal the fight in that manner.  Yes, I’m human and I can be petty!  Killing as fast as possible to avoid nasty things that will kill is completely valid on most fights, so why was it viewed as a negative in this case, I have to wonder to myself.  Looking back it seems silly.

Twins-25-hardmode:  I am of course talking about the “door strat.”  People stand at the door and never switch colors.  It requires high DPS and high HPS/HPE, as you’re having to just burn through the specials with nothing but your wits.  It certainly isn’t -easy,- but it takes out the requirement that your raid must be idiot-free.  And let’s face it, in a 25-man raid, you -will- have idiots.  😛  The main question with this would be is it really an exploit to use the terrain?  Blizzard knows that people are winning like this, yet it hasn’t been fixed.  Does that mean that they believe it to be a valid tactic?

My raiding group refused to do the “zerg method,” downing the fight the old fashioned way.  Likewise, my raid leader is refusing to even consider the “door strat” on the Twins.  Unfortunately, that means that we have dropped in our raiding competitiveness for the server.  The other groups are using the easier method while we are killing ourselves as the same people keep hitting orbs over and over again.  And it’s making people angry.  Not the wipes, but the fact that a strategy is being dismissed out of hand without even any discussion.  I’m waffling on how I feel about it.  I’d love the power to kick the people who constantly die to orbs from the raid, but barring that, shouldn’t all raiders have some input into strategy discussions?

So what -is- the hard line between an exploit and a strategy?


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  1. I think any strat ‘can’ be valid if it works, refusing to even try it ya that sucks for sure ppl should be at least willing to wiggle on it, otherwise how will you learn, do you think the top end guilds that write the strats learn it by reading it? Nope, its them on the front lines whipping over and over again coordinating and figuring out whats the best way that they can do it. Does it mean its the only strat? Hell no, as long as it works for you it works. On 10man toc on LJ we tank him on the wall under a shield, we had never seen it done that way, never read it either. But it WORKS for us and I like it, on 10man Togc it can be effective as well, a lot less room to run and it spawns in a half circle instead of a full one, and they spawn at almost the same places.

    For the twins, have you done the 1/2 color one with some soakers around?
    What you do is split the groups down the middle the best way to do that is look at over all dmg (in recount) and spam it in raid, odds one color evens the other. 2 tanks one color each (of course) and the healers just split them up as you want. Have the ppl with the black auras stand between the white portal and the middle location between the two portals and vis versa (when you first come in) at that central location is where BOTH of the bosses will be tanked.
    get your healers and range to stand in a circle (more egg shape) around that center part, i had them spaced a little these are your soakers, its really better to alternate them but if they are slow to get to the portals dont alternate colors… so tell then to get the good orbs and avoid the bad ones.

    The only time you ever color change is on the special that it is specific too, change to white change to black etc, always tell ppl to switch back to their original color.

    When you get the bubble special… ALL DPS (our tank attacks it too, just dont taunt) attack the bubble there is no color change there is dps and what you do is the ppl that are not originally on that target they pop their cool downs to help burn though it and to fix the reduction that they get because they are the same color as the target.

    We have gotten salt and pepper this way on 10 a few times and we just just missed it on 25man.

    So good luck on it and I hope you get it!

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