Small rant – Val’anyr


I’ve not been playing for the past couple of weeks, but I’ve tried to keep up on MMO-Champ, just to keep my head in the game.

Shadowmourne has me utterly annoyed.  iLevel 284!  Val’anyr is going to be far, far down the line as far as best in slot items go in ICC and there it is, the absolute truth of best in slot melee weapons.

284 vs. 245.  It just doesn’t seem right to even call my hammer “legendary” by comparison.  I really wish that they’d give me some sort of quest to upgrade it to a higher ilevel, but I doubt that will ever happen.  Being as I’m stubborn and love my glowing bubbles (despite the video lag they cause!), I’ll just keep my incredibly low ilevel mace and glare as all the healing weapons in ICC pass me by.


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