Busy, busy, busy – things to think about


Apologies for not posting more often. The combination of Dragon Age: Origins and NaNoWriMo has pretty much destroyed my free time. You can expect something from me this weekend after raiding, I hope. There are so many things I still want to talk about! (And a rant that’s been bubbling in my head that just needs to come out before I lose it in /trade chat or something. [“lol gtfo elitist”])

For now, I leave you with links to Jess’s two part interesting read on reaction vs rotation healing. ( Part one! Part two!) While her use of healadins kind of amuses me (does casting Sacred Shield and Beacon of Light once a minute constitute rotation?), it’s very much a good read. It details the type of damage found in various fights and touches a little on the idea that you need to train your reflexes to respond correctly.


One comment

  1. Dude. Anything that requires me to remember to do it constitutes rotation in my book !! I am very forgetful.

    Truthfully though, it was one of those things that was drifting along in my head that I just wanted to throw out there, even if I have to reach to connect my points!

    I think it’s because when I was healing on my pally the other day, I kept thinking, isn’t there a certain order in which I’m supposed to be doing this to get the most benefit out of Sacred Shield? argh, I can’t remember! That’s what I get for having not healed on her since the last patch came out that changed some pally mechanics.

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